Marvel Chronicles, Vol 5

It’s been 45 days since our last update, so I thought I’d give you a peek at what you’ve missed since May 30th. He’s 5 months old now, as of yesterday. His last weigh-in – using the scientific method of weighing myself with arms empty and then weighing myself with his golden weight – was 60 pounds. That was about a week and a half ago. I fear gigantism.

i can fit
Why isn’t this working?

As for his personality template, he’s definitely developing his own. He loves to play ball, only he uses a rock and doesn’t really care if anyone else plays or not. He picks one up, throws it in the air, watches where it lands, runs at it, picks it up again, throws it again, and so on and so forth. He can’t stand the gate to his crate. He hasn’t had to spend any time inside the crate yet but he randomly walks over to the open door of it and starts growling, barking, and batting at it like it just talked smack about his mother. He loves walks and hates when anyone leaves on one without him. He sits, he shakes, he cuddles, and (yes) he still sleeps through the night entire. In short, Marvel is a good boy and 100% a golden retriever.

I could go on, but you’re here to view him not my dulcet literary tones. I’ll get out of the way now and let you see Marvel, from May 31 to July 13!

stepping out
Finally stepping out.
Learning to share.
My Ball
His favorite game? Keep away.
enjoying ac
Chilling in the A/C.
gimme a T
Gimme a T!
Yang and Yang
Ludo at 4 yrs, Marvel at 5 months.
why isn't this working
See, I still fit.
which is which
Which one’s which?
together again
When I grow up I wanna be Moxie.
Watching the sunrise…
summer nights
Oh those summer nights.
those eyes
Those eyes.
On the prowl.
so big
Auntie Christie testing her might.
Ludo looking to make a trade.
night watch
On the night watch.
maximum comfort
Maximum comfort.
little privacy
Can’t a fella just take a nap?
like my brother
Who does he emulate?
jumble up
Jumble up, boys.
joys of being free
He likes everything about his walks, except the leash.
The spaces in-between.
All of them.
happy boy
I know this is about Marvel, but Ludo’s smile!
face to face
Any way close.
dee dee dee
These are just a few of my favorite things.
a few of my favorite things
Papa, the sun comes up one way and goes down the other…
big boy
No words.


30 thoughts on “Marvel Chronicles, Vol 5

  1. At the risk of sounding sappy, there really is no better way to start one’s day than with pictures of dogs or better yet, an actual dog (or three). Although Jesse probably wouldn’t be happy that I’m gushing over a dog that isn’t him, therein lies the downside of a dog’s life, I suppose.

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    1. Indeed, my friend! While perusing this batch I realized that virtually all these pics are on the deck or on the kitchen or foyer floors. I suppose the reasoning behind that is (1) they are easier to catch in action when they’re sleeping, and (2) I spend a lot of time on my deck with my camera phone nearby. Regardless, I’ll try to mix it up a little with play on the grass and action shots on walks (and maybe get them to the river) for our next update. No promises, though … I really like chilling on the deck. πŸ˜‰

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  2. One thing our dogs regularly remind me of is that puppies always sleep in a pile. Since they never outgrow this it’s important that they sleep right next to me.
    It’s nice that Marvel has Moxie and Ludo to continue the tradition with him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! We let the dogs choose their own spots. Consequently, Moxie starts between us and, within the first hour, moves off the bed onto the floor on Mrs C’s side. Every time. Ludo stays on the bed all night long, either between us at the foot of the bed or on the other side of Mrs C’s legs. Marvel is quickly developing a restless independence and he usually starts near the slider then moves closer to Moxie when he jumps down, then to the foot of the bed on the floor and, sometimes, over in front of the mirrored closet leading into the master bathroom. None of them wake us with their gently restless movements, bless their hearts. πŸ™‚


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