In 2020, I Promise To…

43 thoughts on “In 2020, I Promise To…

  1. “…Right the wrongs. End the tyranny. Restore the throne. Protect the forest. Introduce folk dancing. Demand a four-day workweek and health care for Saxons and Normans.”
    And don’t forget to not be too hard on yourself if you fall short of some of your goals.

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    1. Good question, Steve! I hadn’t thought about that. I don’t think it has to be a minimum number so much as hitting the right ones. If I don’t turn 52 this year, that would be really, really bad. If I don’t treat Mrs C right, or Be Tom, the year is a total waste. But if I don’t acquire a new skill, read 20 books, learn to use the multi-cooker, or end up ever being kind to the president, the year can still be a damn good one. So, as long as I can hit on the right promises, I don’t necessarily have to keep all of them to consider 2020 a success. πŸ˜‰

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