One Year of Marvel

A year ago today, in almost perfect conjunction with Snowpocalypse, a batch of goldens entered the world across town. My baby boy was amongst the born. It would be two months before he became a part of my everyday life, but for Mrs C that started almost from day one. She held him when he was an infant, helped to bottle feed him and his brothers and sisters. The attachment was instant. The rest, as you know, is history.

He’s not the most social of my golden line – that title goes to Moxie. He isn’t the most athletic boy I’ve had – give that title to Ludo. Maverick, whom I need to tell you more about in the future, was the show dog of show dogs, looking exactly like you see them on TV. Marvel is his own self. He grew quick, and quickly outgrew his brothers. He’s a bit of a bully, especially to Ludo. Moxie won’t have any of it. He likes to chase the ball Ludo is after and guard it, daring his brother to take it away. He’s a cuddler, though. He loves his papa and, especially, his mama. And his brothers and grandma. He likes to dig and loves long walks and, so far, he’ll eat everything he finds.

In short, he’s still a puppy. A gargantuan puppy.

And he’s one-year old today.

Please join me in wishing my baby boy, the Incomparable Mr Marvel, a Happy Birthday!

As his mama likes to say, “he’s oh-so Marvel-oso.” 😊

47 thoughts on “One Year of Marvel

    1. Thanks, George! Yeah, Bernie and Pete are undefeated in the first two (popular/delegate). That would be a formidable 1/2 ballot, eh? But here comes Bloomie, with all those billions. A 6-way Super Tuesday? Unprecedented!

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    1. If you have Dropbox you can set a picture with a private link. Then just paste the link in the comments section. If the blogger hasn’t specifically disabled links, it will show up as a picture.

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  1. I have no words. I just… awww. That’s all I have. Lots of ‘awwws’. I seemed to have developed a strange love for goldies and I really, really want one of my own but alas it’ll likely never happen. Now I live vicariously, flicking through Insta pics or reading (with jealousy) about the pupsters others like you have. It’s interesting how they’ve all got their own personalities and behaviours so even if they were to look identical you’d be able to tell them apart. You’ve got some awesome photos. I’ll go back to ‘awww-ing’ now. Awwww!!  ♥

    Caz xx
    PS. If ever you need a sitter, I’m in the UK. I can hop on over to you any time. ANY TIME.

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    1. Thank you, Caz!

      It’s funny, just yesterday we were remarking on how differently they all act to different circumstances, despite being the same breed and growing up in the exact same environment. Some it is is genes! But one thing they all share in common is something Mrs C’s Uncle Mike once said: “They are just made of love.” ❤️

      That’s a fact.

      I’ll send you a ticket soon; we might need a vacation! 😉

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