Tom Being Spam

Hey folks, just a super quick note to let you know that, apparently, I’m ending up in a lot of spam folders lately. I don’t know why and, when time permits, I’ll check the settings on TBT and see if somehow the problem is on my end. In the meantime, if you see a “like” by Tom, being Tom, then please check your spam folder and see if you can salvage my possibly witty, possibly insightful, possibly ludicrous comment from the WordPress trash heap.

Now please return to your regularly-scheduled Reader and if you see me disappear forever (again) it only means that I thought I saw an error (again) and attempted a risky solution (again) and deleted me entirely (again).

Have a Happy Hump Day! 🐪

17 thoughts on “Tom Being Spam

  1. you were, indeed, in my spam. Now seriously…do you really LIKE that processed pseudo-food that much>? I’d MUCH rather allow it to simply stultify in peace and NOT have your witticisms fouling up it’s degenerative processes!

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    1. Not a spam guy myself! But, as you know, sometimes things we don’t particularly like absolutely adore us and, in this case, it’s spam for me. Or me for spam. What was the question again?


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