Not About the Rams

Things have been so serious around here lately that I thought I’d take the quickest minute to lighten the mood with, you know, puppy talk.  I mean, let’s face it, I have 8 categories I use during my writings and, well, the vast majority of them are about Tom. What can I say; I dig the guy. The next most used stamp is about politics, under the category of Discourse. After that you get Pups (this one ❤️), Football (off-season 🙁), then Awards or Challenges (none pending 🤷), something about my Peeps (next week ☘️), my Archives (stay tuned ⏳), and some write-ups about the Books I’m reading (two in progress 📚). Time prevents much reading these days. I’ll work on that. Y’all are clamoring for reviews. Maybe.

But that’s not why you’re here today. You’re here today because you like dogs.

So let’s pup:

Deadpool has a dog! No, not this dog, and not this Deadpool, really. A hundred years ago, in the early 90s, Ryan Reynolds played Billy Simpson on the underrated Canadian teenage soap opera Fifteen and, right now (live!), my friend Paul is writing a reunion script (you gotta read!) for that very show. Well, in honor of some dog you may know pretty well, he’s named the adult Billy Simpson’s golden retriever Marvel! So, Deadpool has a dog. My dog. Only better behaved. Probably.

But, really, Marvel’s been a pretty good boy since his birthday, now 1 year and like 3 weeks old. About 90 pounds. He’s full of joy and light and follows us all around religiously and never lets us have peace in the bathroom. He’s a puppy, you know. And in 12 days he gets his thingees cut. You know. Cone of shame. He’s ecstatic about it.

Oh, nuts!

But he’s not the only happy puppy in the house. Moxie, now 11 and some change, is big and fluffy and gray-faced and happy as a golden clam. The early light brought upon by daylight savings will slim him down and make him do the happy dance, since that means early morning walks. It also means more food, because of more exercise, and food makes Moxie happiest of all.

Moxie, not at feeding time (= not happy).

And, of course, who could forget the unforgettable Ludo. All full of nervous energy and (still) not happy a third edition has taken away so much of his ball time. But, he too is about to be ridiculously spring-happy by morning walks and afternoon ball runs in the massive park I bought them (and am soon to refinance). And hey, for the record, Ludo is always Free now. 😏

So much paw hair!

So there you have it, a quick update on the life of dogs. Incidentally, I got all three of ’em out together for the first time at the same time this week and, well…

Yup. 250 pounds of golden fluff dragging old Tom around the block. Good times. 😁

And that’s a wrap. No updates on me, the idiot president we elected, the cash-poor Rams, trophies, friends, books, or my blogging history. Not this time. This time is all about … them. 😊

See ya soon!

34 thoughts on “Not About the Rams

  1. I predict that Marvel will grow up similar to Jesse: biologically, Jesse is 3 but his constant appearance at my side (or just outside the bathroom) have only increased. Your dogs are beyond awesome. And thank you so much for giving my little story such an incredibly complimentary write up! Did you have to hold your nose when you typed the part about the original series being “underrated”?

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    1. Just a little, yeah. 😉

      You’re right about Marvel, I suspect. He’s pretty needy and, because the mother-in-law lives here, has never had to “be alone” at home. Moxie and Ludo both had to learn that, for hours at a time, but Marvel … he gets a little anxious if someone is out in the garage folding laundry for too long. Sigh.

      Oh well. Each of them are different and special and I wouldn’t trade a one for another. I know you feel the same about Jesse. Thanks Paul!

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  2. If only Moxie could talk, I bet he’d have some stories to tell with all the wisdom and gray fur on his face. Lol
    All the pups look like they’re living the life with Pastor Tom. Your a great dog dad Tom 😎😁😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, V! 🤗

      Moxie was wise beyond his years at birth, which is why – in full view of the others – we still call him “the best boy ever.” Some dogs just get it. Now he looks at me and can’t understand why things don’t just work like they used to. I tell him “I get it, buddy, we all gettin’ old.”

      Don’t tell anyone, but he’s my all-time fave. I hope he goes another 11.

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  3. Wonderful pups! Glad they’re all doing well.

    Spending time in the bathroom without a dog for company? Overrated.

    Having spent years walking/running with two Malamutes on a coupler, when I saw the photos of you with three pulling machines, I kept thinking, “Squirrel!” Here’s hoping you always spot the squirrels before they do and have at least a half second to prepare 🙂

    Thanks for the smiles!

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    1. Haha! Yeah, that bathroom time is hard to give up.

      I told folks on Facebook that this was fun as hell, walking them all at once. Much more rewarding and enjoyable than I imagined. Marvel actually SLOWED his usual ridiculous pace because of his brothers. 😊


      He also glided side to side the entire time, burning his energy horizontally instead of vertically. As a result, he often bumped the other two off the path and into the brush. It was hilarious. And the other boys? They just took it in stride.

      I adore these dogs. ❤️

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  4. Oh my… this is almost cuteness overload. Such beautiful boys! I admit I’ve always had a thing for old dogs so Moxie makes my heart melt.
    This might also explain why I married an older man… but that’s another post entirely.

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  5. Oh yeah! Thanks for the big dose of golden love (hmm maybe I should rephrase that) today. Congrats to Marvel for the namesake credit.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one hitched to a team of dogs when taking a walk. Be on the lookout for a #trailfail story on my blog about one of these walks gone horribly wrong last weekend.

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  6. Walking 250 pounds of dog has got to be good exercise for you. It’s also probably pretty good for them, so it’s really a case of everybody winning.
    And congratulations to Marvel on helping inspire a screenplay. We won’t talk about the upcoming procedure, although the other dogs might get a laugh out of that old Far Side cartoon with one dog telling another, “I’m going to the vet’s to get tutored!”

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