I Am Your Sunshine

I like awards. It’s nice to be recognized by peers as someone who (a) adds an element to the proceedings and/or (b) is likely to carry the presentation forward. Either way, as Doc would say, I’m your huckleberry.

Simeon over yonder at the Levine Lowdown nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, one of my very favorites. Why? Cuz, like I said in the title, I am your sunshine. I’m not trying to be narcissistic or self-promoting with that line, I’m just stating a fact. I’m an optimist and a futurist. And the future I see is rosy bright, which is something folks need in these dark times. The best of humanity still lies ahead and if I could live in any era besides this one, it would be the next one. So, if you could mix me up a pint of that immortality elixir so I can see the promised land ahead that’d be much appreciated. 😊

Simeon is a young man living down under who blogs about sports and music and news and politics and he is a refreshing and coherent voice. For example, look at his recent stance on the death penalty.

This award thing has some rules, though, which I adhere to liberally as time permits. The gist is to thank the person who nominated you (thank you, Simeon!), answer some questions from them, and then ask some questions of the folks I nominate going forth.

I don’t always nominate, but I always answer questions.

Particularly when they are about me.

Your ray of sunshine. 😁

  • Why did you start your blog?
    • I had to let the light out. Seriously. I have spent the better part of five decades hiding the light from the world, and that was unfair. Translation: I have words to say and I want to say them. I just hope y’all enjoy ‘em. Sometimes.
  • What is your favourite part about blogging?
    • Being able to put a “u” in words like “favourite.” That’s awesome. But my truly favourite part about blogging is the feedback and interaction with amazing people right here and out there. The internet made the world small and our small voices big. I like that.
  • What is one of your goals for 2020?
    • Do some pushups. Wanna see the rest of my 2020 goals? Read this.
  • If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
    • Pay no attention to preachers and charlatans; they have no idea what they’re talking about and they hope you don’t either.
  • What is your favourite sport?
    • Racing Moxie from one side of the yard to the other.
  • If you could go back in the past to any year, which year would you go back to?
    • 1977.
  • What is one country that you would love to travel to?
    • Themyscira.
  • What is one thing that not many people know about you?
    • I don’t like Batman.
  • What has been the scariest moment of your life?
    • One day, when I had just taken over my father’s lawn care business, I was on the wrong side of town alone for the first time. As fate would have it, as I was unloading my equipment, a very scary looking hoodlum came around the corner brandishing a large pistol and my heart raced. “Ignore me,” I beseeched silently. But out of the corner of my eye I saw him beeline directly at me, picking up momentum. I thought, “This is it. Wow. 26 years on the planet and this is how it ends. Fuck.” He came around the side of the work truck, lifted the firearm and said “Hey man, wanna buy a drill? $15. $10.” I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief, declining the purchase, and wishing him luck as he headed down the road looking for another buyer.
  • When does bread become toast?
    • When it tries to cover Julio Jones.
  • What is your favourite song of all time?
    • This came up the other night, as I was trying to get Spotify to know me better. I played “Right Now” by Van Halen, “Midnight Blue” by Lou Graham, “Jungleland” by The Boss, “St Elmo’s Fire” by John Parr, a couple of Train songs, some Rob Thomas, Stevie Nicks, Adele, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Billy Squier and Bob Seger. Those are all about me, and my sunshine. I kept asking myself the same question, though: what is my favourite song of all time? The answer, of course, is obscure. “Change,” by Blind Melon is my favourite song of all time. Sheer simplicity, sheer poetry.

I don’t feel the suns comin’ out today
It’s staying in, it’s gonna find another way
As I sit here in this misery
I don’t think I’ll ever no ??
See the sun from here

And oh as I fade away
They’ll all look at me and say, and they’ll say
Hey look at him, I’ll never live that way
And that’s okay
They’re just afraid to change

When you feel your life ain’t worth living
You’ve got to stand up
And take a look around and you look way up to the sky
Yeah, and when your deepest thoughts are broken
Keep on dreaming boy, ’cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die

And as we all play parts of tomorrow
Some ways will work and other ways we’ll play
But I know we all can’t stay here forever
So I want to write my words on the face of today
And then they’ll paint it

And oh as I fade away
They’ll all look at me and they’ll say
Hey look at him and where he is these days
When life is hard, you have to change
When life is hard, you have to change

“When life is hard, you have to change.” Amen.

Okay, 11 quick questions:

  1. What is your favourite thing about you?
  2. Is love an emotion, a fiction, or a powerful universal force?
  3. Batman vs Superman. Who wins?
  4. I need a new electronic reader. Which one should I get?
  5. Some old friends of mine, from my Christian days, posted an anti-gay article written by an evangelical minister in reference to Pete Buttigieg and his presidential bid. In this same article the minister defended Donald Trump who is “sinful” but gets a pass because he doesn’t “flaunt” his sins currently, “like Pete does.” Is the minister himself just an idiot, or are all three of them idiots, the other two for reposting the article?
  6. Was this post too long?
  7. Did you watch the Blind Melon video for “Change”? Cuz it’s stupid.
  8. Are you a doer or a procrastinator?
  9. As a blogger, do you prefer anonymity or exposure?
  10. Why?
  11. Am I your sunshine?

This one goes out to Rebecca, Rivergirl, Huntress, Arionis, Cheryl, Assholes, Paulie, George, KC, Caz, and Rita. You are all my sunshine.

As always, however, I’d love to hear from everyone else, too, if you have the time. So at the very least answer #1, #2, #5, and #11 below.

Now go have a sunny day, folks. 😏



44 thoughts on “I Am Your Sunshine

  1. I think the stupidity of Blind Melon’s videos obscured for many the fact that this tragically short-lived band was utterly fantastic. Great song choice, Tom, though I would have hewed a little closer to Jungleland from your list of possible winners of that distinction.

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    1. Utterly fantastic, and a collection of albums I can listen to, song by song by song, over and over and over again. As for the final choice, mostly it depends on the day. “What is your favourite song today?” might be a better question. I would hazard to say, however, that most days the answer would be “Change.” Or “Born to Run.” Definitely “Born to Run.” No, “Change.” Final answer. 😉

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  2. A totally deserved award, my little sunshine. As for Blind Melon, love them–my favourite is No Rain. Also, I’m trying to figure out why you’re using Canadian spelling–I mean, obviously it’s the best way to spell stuff but I thought you were ‘Murcan…

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  3. “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” That would be you, Tom! (Gosh, I’ve already answered question #11!)
    Aw, I’m humbled to be included in your list of nominees. Now, I’ll try to live up to the high bar you’ve set.
    “Okay, 11 quick questions:…” is an oxymoron if I ever saw one. But, I love a challenge so I’ll answer soon 😉
    You’re the best.

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    1. Haha! I’m with you. I try to keep my posts to “quick reads” (600 words, give or take) but answering 11 questions is a 1200 word endeavor!

      Thank you, Rebecca! This award has you written all over it. Looking forward to your replies!


  4. Congrats on the well-deserved award! I would LOVE if you went to an airport counter and asked for the next flight out to Themyscira. Either they’ll have no idea what you’re talking about or you’ll get a Marvel fanatic that’ll punch you in the face. Can I ask why the lack of love for Batman? I’m not too big a fan of Superman, and have always found Bat dude much cooler and I prefer the dark edge.
    Thanks for the very kind nomination! 😊
    Caz x

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    1. Thank you, Caz! I’ve never been a fan of the darker heroes (Batman, Wolverine, Punisher, etc) I respect Batman greatly, as an iconic comic figure, but just never found most of his stories and presentations as particularly intriguing. 🤷 I love Superman, and love characters designed to emulate him (Shazam, Miracleman, Hyperion, etc). He’s the most iconic of all, and I favor heroes in bright colors with dazzling powers. Particularly if they represent hopeful stuff, like truth, justice, and the humanitarian way.

      But, honestly, I’m more of a Marvel guy. 😁

      Your nomination is well-deserved, and I look forward to your answers!

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  5. Bloomberg made the next Democratic debate. Outta nowhere, he’s in second place below Bernie. Biden is toast. Just reminding you about my prescient prediction…my vision…my awesome intellect. Looks like we won’t be able to topple capitalism this election, that’s going to take an entire new generation. “An entire generation must pass before a new idea takes hold.” –Einstein.

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    1. In a political system tied to and beholden to money, money goes a long way towards buying a seat at the table. I never doubted for a second that Bloomie’s wealth and drive would get him in the race. Will it buy him the nomination? We shall see. It looks like that battle will come down the billionaire vs the anti-billionaire, the greed-and-power capitalist against the democratic socialist. The 1% against the people’s champion. Couldn’t ask for anything more prime-time made-for-TV than that.

      Still, your vision and intellect are noted. 😉

      Capitalism will not fall. Not entirely. The future of humanity, at least in the short run, will require a solid mix of capitalist and socialist ideas (“compassionate capitalism”), at least until the robots take all the jobs and soldiering away. At that point we’ll need a full-blown structure change in society if we want to keep people around who are, essentially, unnecessary.

      According to some, that’s a big “if.”

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      1. Compassionate Capitalism. I like that. BTW, Yuval Hurari, super genius, has stated that the mode of capitalism where “economic growth” is the solution to all our needs is in direct opposition to global climate warming and, as a species, we will be unable to stop the momentum hurling us towards disaster. I paraphrase, of course. So perhaps even Bernie can’t save us. Although I’d like to give him a shot. “Compassionate Capitalism.” Did you make that term up?

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      2. Honestly, no, I read that in an article titled something like “Sorry, Bernie, But the Nordic States Aren’t Socialist.” Something like that. I don’t remember it being a great article, but the phrase “compassionate capitalism” stuck with me and describes what I’ve been pushing (and, really, what Bernie is pushing, too).

        Harari is right (he usually is). We need a better form of capitalism.

        I don’t believe anyone can “save us” but ourselves. But we do need to pick better “leaders.” 😏

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  6. Well, I feel like a schmuck for being late getting to this, but your post always brighten my day, so at least I’m a smiling schmuck. And also wishing Themyscira were* a real place, although out of respect for the residents I’d be inclined to decline a chance to visit.
    Also I didn’t watch the Blind Melon video but I did listen to the song. Sometimes, especially with very good songs, it’s better to let the visuals be only in the mind.
    *Subjunctive mood. Somewhere my college Latin teacher is nodding approvingly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Incredible use of the subjunctive! Yes, if Themyscira were real it’d be best not to visit. I think there was an old curse on the island that if a man were to set foot there they would all lose their immortality or something. Does that still hold? I mean, what a chance at revenge for Egg Fu or the Mouse Man.*

      It really is a cool song, and one that brought me through some hard times now and again. My other selection for favorite was the equally poetic “99 in the Shade” by Bon Jovi. 😉

      *Seriously, look ’em up. WW needs a Rogues’ Gallery update.


    1. Thank you, Kim! What a pair we make, eh, Donner? 😉

      In 1977 I was 9 and it was during the Jim Shooter/George Perez/John Byrne classic run on Avengers; the best comics of all time. Also, I was young and innocent and that would be a great time to kick myself in the ass to apply myself in school and make that presidential run I missed in this particular timeline. 😁

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