Twenty Twenty-Two

You made it!

I never doubted it for a second. Happy New Year, my friends, welcome to TBT2022. This year needs a theme, right? I’ll dwell on that; please send your thoughts on the subject and I’ll consider each one carefully.

I told you, last year, that I’d be back, this year, for the second part of the year-end/new-year post. And here I am, as promised. Today will indeed be about hopes and fears and intentions but you can call them resolutions if ya like. But, first, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a couple of recent departures, those of John Madden and Betty White. Every year has its passings, but John Madden is a name I use every day, a necessary part of my lexicon, and Betty White, girl, we thought you’d live forever. Thank you, both, for the joy and memories you have given and may you both rest, forever, in peace.

Or come back, stronger than ever, having bested Death in the afterlife. Just because no one’s ever done it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. 🤷

Now, enough of the wordy paragraphs, let’s get to the simplicity of promise, in the usual way:

In 2022, I hope…

  • The Rams beat the Bengals in the Super Bowl.
  • To lose 15 pounds.
  • To take over Appliances Direct by June.
  • That I win both of my Fantasy Football championships (yup, I’m in both!).
  • For Universal Healthcare.
  • Donald Trump goes to jail.
  • Mrs C gets to continue working where she is with the people that she’s with.
  • Moxie sees his 14th birthday (and many, many more!).
  • For more of the same, from my charmed life.

In 2022, I fear…

  • That the 49ers will beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  • That I’ll put off exercise until June. Of 2024.
  • Recession.
  • Another variant, another shutdown, another million dead.
  • Unrest.
  • Another demagogue will rise, but one not as stupid as the last.
  • Anything that makes my wife cry.
  • Ever saying goodbye to those I cherish most.
  • The unknown.

In 2022, I expect…

  • The Packers will beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.
  • To break even.
  • To own the store by year’s end.
  • To win one, but not both, of my Fantasy Football Championships.
  • The Republicans will take the House and the Senate.
  • Trump will skate but not run.
  • Mrs C will join me in business.
  • Happy, healthy dogs.
  • A leap in my personal and professional growth.

And, finally, in 2022, I intend…

  • To enjoy the process, and the outcome, of all things.
  • To hit the bike, to build strength, to lean up, and to walk a lot.
  • To be a businessman and to change my daily focus to that ideal.
  • To be wise; to know what is now, and what is coming, and to adapt.
  • To change what I can and accept what I cannot.
  • To love unconditionally.
  • To cherish every day together.
  • To be an even better me.

Nothing really changes when the calendar turns. Days and weeks and years are fictions we create, collectively, to help us mark the passage of time. Because on June 29th I turn 54 that does not mean a magical transformation occurs that makes a 53-year-old man one year older. That process, aging, is happening all the time. We do not change because December becomes January, and neither does the sun, the moon, or the rain. Our clocks do not control time.

That said, we can surely use these epochs to place our vows, our hopes and fears, expectations and intentions. Our resolutions.

Today is January 1st, 2022, and I am 53 ½ years old. These are the things that I think today.

This is Tom, being Tom.

Best wishes to all of you. May all you wish come true.

19 thoughts on “Twenty Twenty-Two

  1. I agree with you on most of these, but I’m a cheesehead at heart and will be rooting for Green Bay … even if Rogers turned out to be an unvaccinated boneheaded.
    As for Moxie, here’s hoping he lives forever.

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  2. GO PACK GO, and I hate to tell you this, but the 49ers scare me a hell of a lot more than the Rams. I need to lose at least 15lbs too and plan and starting that this weekend. As far as a theme for 2022 is concerned it is certainly starting like Groundhog Day as far as the pandemic is concerned. So maybe this will be the Groundhog Year. I am hoping it is more like the year of the Phoenix, where this shit ends and we rise above the ashes an fly again. be more like Back To The Future 😫

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    1. “Year of the Phoenix,” I like that! In fact, I may just write about that next. 😉

      Good to see you, Steve, and good luck to your Packers! Not that they’ll need it, y’all got that look this year. And the Niners … sigh … they are our Achilles’ Heel and have been as long as I can remember. We HAVE to beat them this Sunday if we stand any chance of having the confidence to excel in the playoffs. I don’t believe we will, because of our history of letting down against the Niners in big games, but I certainly hope with all my heart and soul that we prevail.

      And we just might.

      This is the “Year of the Phoenix” after all!

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      1. And, if the rumor is true, the Rams noise was pumped in. LA has trouble supporting a team, always has, and local folks are more than willing to give up their seats for the right price, which fans of other teams seem more than willing to pay. 🤷

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