All That and Bernie, Too

Definitely been a tough week or two in the aftermath of the thing, but we’re hanging in. Ludo is struggling the most, it seems, and it’s too wet and muddy outside for a lot of ball-playing (his therapy). That boy loved his brother. Mrs C made it through a full week of work, her first since contracting the virus, but still can’t talk for extended periods without coughing or losing her voice. Long Covid, for sure. That might take a bit. November frankly sucked.

Otherwise things are fairly back to normal. Normal? The Xmas lights are up, for example. Really, I don’t “hang lights” at all anymore. I have the laser lights (awesome!) and the inflatables (cool!) and that’s about it. Still takes time running the cords and whatnot. Can’t wait to get to the fully wireless era of American life. Is that coming?

Speaking of American life, it was nice to see Brittney Griner make it home. We can debate until the end of the Earth whether the exchange was more American-friendly or Russian-friendly but what we cannot debate is whether or not it was good for Brittney. It was. Her, her family, Americans who care about Americans. People who care about people. For all of them, this was good.

Speaking of Americans, Joey B keeps registering wins, eh? This Griner thing. The best midterms of any sitting president in decades. Spot on jokes.

I still haven’t reread, edited, or posted the Biden write-up I keep threatening to release, comparing him to the other 9 or 10 guys who have been president since I was born. But I might have to reassess where I slotted him prior. At this point, history is going to look VERY favorably upon his record. Whether you like him or not (and no one likes presidents anymore) he’ll probably go down in history as well above average if this continues. Remember, no one looks back and says “a lot of favorable things happened under President X but the opposing party hated him so it was a failed presidency.” Everyone hated Abraham Lincoln in the south. Ronald Reagan is despised by the left. Both are top ten all time.

For what that’s worth. “Top Ten American President” may be, for some of you, “Top Ten Worst People Ever.” It’s all relative, ain’t it?

That’s about all I’ve got for this week. Consider this post, more than any other recently, proof that “I’m back.” It’s been a week since the last one, I felt I should do some blogging (however brief), I wanted to, and I did. If that don’t prove that I’m back being me, talking about stuff, then nothing is.

I hope your day and week has been good. We’ll talk again before Christmas. I would like to squeeze a church in before that (been months!). We’ll see.

 Be well.

P.S. Happy Bernie Madoff Day, for those who celebrate! Resist the con!

P.P.S. How about them Rams!

6 thoughts on “All That and Bernie, Too

    1. There will be three again, I’m sure. What we try to do is space them out: when the youngest is five or six it’s time for a junior partner. Marvel turns 4 in February. So, another year or two after that we will see the next golden pup. 👍

      As for the OBT, we hit a snag in late October we were working through together then Covid hit the household, and Moxie passed, so we kind of hit “pause” until after the end of the year. I’ll keep everyone updated as new news develops. 🙂

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  1. When there’s so much happening we rarely have a good grasp of what we’re really going through. That reminds me of a story I heard as a kid about a man who had to make an overnight journey through the woods. He had trouble sleeping with all the pebbles on the ground but had a dream that he should take as many pebbles as he could carry. The next morning he filled his pockets with pebbles and when he got to his destination they turned to gold. Sometimes even our worst experiences are like that.
    And, yeah, I think we’ll look back on this as something of a golden era, especially compared to the night of the last few years.

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