Homecoming, Snapshots, Xmas, and Trading Cards

In a lot of ways it’s been a pretty noteworthy week, both around here and out in the broader world. Let’s jump right in.

The boys had their first grooming day without Moxie. They were a little weirded out going in, and the groomer was (obviously) distraught by the news. It didn’t occur to me until later that Ludo may have been more anxious than usual with the memory that Moxie was dropped off somewhere recently and never came home. Do dogs think like that? Is that, what do you call it, projecting? Anthropomorphizing?

Let that be your big word for the day.

At any rate, here they were, tired from the whole ordeal:

A few days later I tried to recreate a classic with them when I took the Tahoe to the gas station. Needless to say, with these two, it was an epic fail. Hey, gotta try, right?

We did get Moxie home the other day, and the vet threw in a beautiful card and complementary paw impression. He’s under the tree now, the one we put up a few days ago for Christmas. I always go all out, as you know.

I took some shots of the outside lights, too, but I just can’t seem to get the focus right on the Galaxy I bought last year. I had the Pixel before, but I walked into the neighbors’ pool with it in my pocket and was forced to buy the $1200 Galaxy or wait a few days for a new phone. No way. I forked out the cash and the Galaxy arrived, via courier, super quick. It’s been a good phone these last 18 months, but I never have been happy with the camera.

Speaking of camera, some disturbed individual built a rock formation outside my store last Friday night, and I took some shots of it for posterity. I assume it was a combination of (a) good drugs, and (b) mental deficiency. At least they didn’t toss one through the window. I wasn’t mad. To each their own, and they probably had a better week, that week, than me. Well formulated, good ma’am or sir.

Baker Mayfield, the troubled QB from Cleveland nee Carolina (or is that Carolina nee Cleveland?), joined the Rams on a Tuesday night a week and a half ago and made a spectacular debut that Thursday without so much as a full practice yet, leading LA to a victory over the Las Vegas Raiders via a 98-yard game-winning drive, snapping a 6-game LA Ram losing streak. He’s the player of the week. And that was a long sentence, right there.

Speaking of the Rams, here are our playoff chances right now. Oh, we got this.

Finally, and frustratingly for some, the OBT has officially been punted down the road again. I’m fine with it, but I know there were a lot of people waiting for the official coronation. Among other things, the rising interest rates and uneven economic outlook both played roles. Some indecision on contract language also played in. All is well, though, and I will continue in my role as right hand man to a good friend and generous employer. I read once that the best job in the world is second-in-command and – so far – that has proven accurate for me. My QoL floweth over.

Although I did put on 10 pounds while on Covid. That much, I’m struggling with. 🤷

Be well, weary patrons. Until next time!

PS I forgot to mention that Trump now has his own trading card collection! Sold out overnight. Hell, I started my collection years ago. 😉

9 thoughts on “Homecoming, Snapshots, Xmas, and Trading Cards

  1. I’ll go backwards here Brother Tom…..ahem. Love those trading cards, very accurate I think. Whoever decided those concrete car stops were in line with the….well, parking lines, may have been a bit off. Wtf is up with the actual rocks? Anyway, the boys look good despite their big bro not being there. I’m not a Rams fan but, I’m so freaking psyched that Baker Mayfield made such a stunning debut because I think he’s such an underrated QB. He’s got the talent an all he needs is a coach and team to believe in his abilities and I think he’s found it with the Rams. GO RAMS!! Well wishes and Happy Holidays Brother Tom 🎄🎄🎄🎄

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  2. Those beautiful puppies. Every time we’ve lost a precious pet, it’s been hard on the one left behind—I think they just know, and need time to grieve. That rock formation is interesting—hope it’s not some kind of weird ritual involving appliance sacrifice!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m pretty sure the Seahawks can manage to lose every game. At least I think so. If they’re anything like the Mariners it’s remarkable when they win. And it’s good the kids had a grand day out. Dogs are very sensitive and probably needed a change.
    Also I’m fascinated by that rock formation. We’re approaching the solstice, an event people used to mark with stone circles. Partial stone rectangles, though, I don’t know about.

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    1. I believe it was the work of a traveling band of druids and shaman, preparing different angles of the earth for the coming of Nibiru … or the homeless gal I see frequently walking by the shop, talking to herself, on some really good drugs. 😉

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