Quite Positive, But Still Upbeat

Kind of a quiet week besides the massive comeback by the Niners to take down my Rams, the winning of the NFC West by the Rams despite that, the Wild Card Weekend of the playoffs kicking off today, voting rights taking a big hit, and – oh yeah – I got Covid.

I suppose I could talk a bit more about the Rams, or the sinking Biden-presidency numbers, but I’m sure that last part is the most pertinent one.

Yeah, I finally got bit.

On Monday, in the afternoon, I had one of those sore throats that could be the beginning of a head cold or could be the need for a beer after the sting of that Sunday loss to the hated 49ers set in. I honestly didn’t know. Often, I’ll feel I’m getting sick, I’ll have a few beers, I’ll sleep, and I’ll wake up a-ok.

I didn’t wake up a-ok on Tuesday.

By Tuesday afternoon I was certain, Tommy had a head cold.

No problem. Nyquil. Rest. Back at it Wednesday, right?

Well, Wednesday something did not feel right so for shits and giggles I dropped a thermometer under the tongue in the morning before work and read the results.

101.5, said the thing.

I tried it again and the result was the same. I had a fever. I’m taking a day. For further shits and giggles I went and got that home test I bought back whenever and popped open the box and read the directions. Easy peasy. I can do this. Less than twenty minutes later I read the results. “Look closely,” it said, “the second line might be really faint, but any indication of a pink second line is a sure sign you are infected with Covid-19.”

The second line was iridescent pink. Almost blindingly so.

Shoot, Tom said, quickly scouring the internet – and quizzing friends in the business – about the reliability of said test. The indications were apparent: they can be mostly accurate if you have no symptoms. Probably you can trust them. If you are symptomatic bank on it. You’ve been slimed.

The rest of Wednesday was a feverish dream. Dose. Sleep. Dose. Sleep. Temp went as high as 102.1 at one point but broke to 99.5 by late afternoon. By Thursday afternoon it had broke entirely. I haven’t registered a temperature over 98 degrees since. But the exhaustion (and runny nose and slight cough) persisted. I slept all of Wednesday, most of Thursday, half of Friday.

After a shower on Friday, and a walk through the backyard scooping up dog poop, I was alarmed at how well I felt. How much energy had returned. How little remnant I still felt of Covid-19.

This is Saturday morning. I’m to be in isolation until the end of Sunday (technically, 5 days after my first real symptoms appeared), and that is weird. I feel fine today but I know I might still be contagious. I have to keep Mrs C, the MiL, and my coworkers and friends and family and strangers, safe. I’m having coffee for the first time today since Tuesday. I haven’t had a beer since Monday night.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m fully vaccinated and boosted, I’m in good physical health, and I’m stubborn against disease. Late last year I had a head cold for the first time since 2017, the best run of health of my half-century-plus life.

Reading online my bout with Covid was not unusual for a healthy, vaccinated person. Others have not been so lucky. Hospitals are getting overrun. Millions have died before their time.

We are some 700 days into this pandemic and the numbers this winter are as bad as the last, in some cases worse. I don’t have to tell you again what I think you should do, there is no one alive who knows me who doesn’t know what I think already. I’m just happy to report that I’m fine. I wish with all my being that those who have struggled with this, who still struggle with this at this very moment, were fine, too. I wish we could have back all that we’ve lost.

As for me, I will carry on. I will continue to mask when I need to, distance as appropriate, boost my immunity when necessary. I will continue to keep those I love safe.

I will also continue to drink beer, just as soon as I can, and to root on the Rams this Monday. I’ll keep rooting for Joe, too, come to think of it. He’s not a great president but he’s aiming down the right path. We need infrastructure. We need voting rights. We need to take better care of everyone, everywhere, together. We need to unite.

Me? I just need another coffee and maybe some Dayquil to quell the remnants.

Have a wonderful (Wildcard) weekend, my friends.

Stay. Safe.

33 thoughts on “Quite Positive, But Still Upbeat

  1. With a positive test, is suggested/required to self-report? I wonder where all the numbers come from, if self-diagnosis results in positive, but private, are the publicly announced numbers 1/2 of what they really are? ~2 million cases / day?
    In ten years, when Covid is systemic, will it still be called #19?
    Two years now, with this disease, has our species learned anything?

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    1. I was wondering the same, and tried to look into it when I first tested positive. Should I report it somewhere? But, I was in a fevered state and my head was heavy so I didn’t search far (finding no quick answers). I’ll follow up with a pal of mine who runs a pharmacy and often has answers.

      As for what we’ve learned? Far too much about ourselves, I should think…

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  2. Wishing you full and speedy recovery, and a wonderful weekend! I think we’re all fortunate that Omicron seems to be a bit milder than its predecessors. I suspect I had mild covid myself, though the home test was negative and I’m waiting on the PCR.

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  3. Sorry to hear the creeping crud found you.. but glad you’re past the worst of it. I’ve read the fatigue can be crippling. It seems every week one of our friends is infected, this variant doesn’t skip a beat.

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  4. Two family members had it last week fully vaxxed and mask wearers. The good thing if you follow protocol you will probably not have a hospital stay. Glad you are on the mend. Being smart and careful is the key👍🏻☺️

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      1. Thank you. Yeah, I cannot lose sight of how lucky I am with the timing of my infection. I feel bad for everyone who had to endure so much before full vaccination and during the far more treacherous strains. ❤

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    1. Ah! I noticed yesterday I had all sorts of energy so I went out in the big backyard (far from any breathers) and played ball with the boys (who were so cooped up and it was SO nice out!). After about a half hour doing that I was just SPENT. Still some recuperating to do, it seems!


  5. Glad you’re on the mend. I was exposed a while ago by an anti-vax coworker who got it, but I ended up testing negative. He’s still off sick. Oh yeah, he’s also a Flat Earther. People are exhausting. Go Rams!

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    1. You know, I can ALMOST see the anti-vax point of view, as terribly erroneous as it is, if I hand ’em the “rushed out” argument … but flat-earthers? There is no argument for that level of dumb. 🤷

      Thank you, sister! ❤️

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      1. Except it wasn’t rushed out–mRNA technology has been around since at least the 70s! That’s like refusing to give your child the MMR since it was only created in 1971. Although there are a lot of idiots who don’t believe in childhood vaccines as well…

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      2. Sure! Like I said, I have to “give them” the argument, it isn’t earned. In normal times, the vaccines would certainly have gone through more trials, however, so I get the hesitancy to some degree. It doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, but I’m being generous. 😁

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  6. Good thing your sense of smell & taste weren’t impacted and you can still enjoy beer! Glad you came out the other side okay and are nearly recovered. I’m being such a hermit now, with winter weather and living alone, dogs dependent upon me for food and access to the yard/walks, I really don’t want to get sick. Having to leave to seek medical care would be a nightmare.

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    1. Exactly! 🍻😂

      At the current pace this variant is storming, best to lay low and take it easy if ya can. I’m back to work now – which is a relief – but with the exception of Monday night (Rams win!) I ain’t even had so much as a single beer any other day or night. And I’m still mostly in isolation when home (CDC says 5 days complete iso, followed by 5 days of return to normal activity but wearing a mask the whole time).

      Mrs C developed a cough yesterday and got formally tested per rules of her work. Now we await those results. 🙏🏽

      Oh, these times!


    1. Thank you, Susan! It was two days of fever and a full week of rest. Worked all last week and drank through the playoffs all weekend. Got some minor congestion left over but I persevere! Stay safe yourself, young lady!

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