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Whenever I know I want to write something, but don’t know what I want to write about, I open my Amazon Photos account and look at recent pics. Why? It tells me what’s been on my mind lately, even if it doesn’t tell me why. For example, I obviously downloaded this pic recently meaning to say something to somebody (or everybody) about it, but never did:

Does this mean he’s draft eligible?

Probably I was going to use it to poke the box on Facebook and get some radical anti-Kaeps out there to try to argue with me that Colin Kaepernick was black-balled because he was a terrible quarterback (he wasn’t) and not because he took a stance on free speech and racial inequality (he did). I could go on and on about him to this day and talk about the unfair treatment he received by the media, the fans, and the NFL, but I won’t because this post is about Tom not Col.

Other things I find in the scrap heap are memes I undoubtedly shared with friends via text, on Facebook, or on some bathroom wall next to Rodger’s number. Call him, seriously, for a great time. Bring beer. But two of them I recently downloaded actually made me laugh out loud and snort because (a) I’m an idiot, and (b) I’m a geek:

Never wear the red one, just trust me on this.
Some programming we just can’t resist.

If you get ‘em you get ‘em. If you don’t get ‘em, it’s okay, they appeal to a certain genre and to a certain type of neural cluster that you really only find concentrated in idiot geeks, like me.

I also found in my inspirational, automatically-uploaded photo quest two recent pictures of beers, taken on separate days.

I never drink Guiness.
But I do drink my Coors Light out of whatever glass Layla hands me.

This is telling because it reveals that Tom, the ordained one, has returned to church not just once, recently, but at least twice. What does this reveal to the world at large? The pandemic has ended? Pandemic-fatigue is real? Pastor Tom is taking advantage of the super-immunity granted by shots, boosters, and actual infection to live a bit between shutdowns? I don’t have answers, folks, not today. Today I’m just asking questions.

Another one I found was simply the cover of a book:

Seemed topical.

This one is currently blowing me away. It’s been a long time since I’ve reread chapters in a book I haven’t finished just to get a better sense of what I’m reading (Harari probably got me with that last). But this one is like wow. Chapter 5 (and 6) are stunning. Powerful. Revealing. Validating. Well-written, too. I posted this on FB earlier this week to recommend it, but it mostly got lost in the mix of another thread that started when I said this:

“I think we ought to be paying more attention to the 7-hour gap than the open-handed slap, but I’m silly like that.”

That one received more than a hundred responses. A lot of people were calling me names or suggesting I’m way too lefty liberal or way more righty conservative again because I (a) still hate Donald Trump and think he should be in jail, and (b) still think Joe Biden is better than Donald Trump and is doing an “okay” job. Although, I also must say, there were many on that thread that came to my defense and even praised my response to the trolls.

OH! That guy just went in unprotected against Hurricane Tom!

One Fella

At any rate, that was a little journey through the psyche of a meme-gathering, photo-shooting, beer-drinking idiot geek who sometimes, occasionally, can tell a straight-line story:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Finally, some pics of dogs:

That’s all I got; more pics than words. Have a great one, folks! Be ready for anything. ❤️

21 thoughts on “Meme Machine

  1. I’m going to work backwards here because all those lovely doggy pics deserve top billing. It’s hard not to smile with all those big puppy eyes staring up at you. ❤️
    The convoluted story telling chart? I’ve lived with that man for the past 38 years and am still waiting for him to get to the point. 🥴
    As for Coors in a Guinness glass…. you’re lucky you weren’t thrown out of the bar. That’s sacrilege!

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  2. I don’t get the Will Smith meme–please help me! And thanks for the puppy pictures. You know, I follow you on FB but I’m usually afraid to comment because you seem to have so many negative followers–I think the last time I did, I really got piled on!

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    1. Sorry to hear about that! I know a lot of dumbshits, as you have seen, but most of them are real sweethearts when out from behind the keyboard. And I don’t mean they’re dumbshits for their beliefs – I stand for each to believe their own – but they are dumbshits for their negativity towards others opinions. There’s a syndrome name for it, I think, this keyboard idiocy. Can’t remember it off the cuff…

      Dylan at work calls them my “trolls.”

      But let’s be clear, I make threads on Facebook to poke the bear. It’s an evil sort of fun I have. 😉

      As for the meme, in the Captain America movies his best pal for WWII, Bucky, was captured by Russians and brainwashed to be a killer. Those words uttered in that sequence were his “trigger” to make him comply and commit atrocious shit. 😁

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  3. I think you’ve mentioned before that you don’t drink Guinness and at first I was horrified and confused, but as reasonable people we can agree that Colin Kaepernick was objectively an excellent player who was targeted for speaking out about police brutality. And also that taste is subjective. I didn’t like Guinness at first but on a trip to Ireland I learned to love it. And after that it was the only beer I’d drink until I was in Scotland and they didn’t have Guinness so, because I was in Scotland, I tried Tartan Special, which is very different from Guinness but I liked it too and after that every time I went into a pub my first choice was whatever I hadn’t tried before.
    This is not to say you will develop a taste for Guinness or even that you should try. Some things, like the health of our democracy and our health in a persistent pandemic, are important, but taste in beer should be left to the individual, and while it won’t fix everything I think Coors drinkers and Guinness drinkers sitting side by side and toasting each others’ health can help cure what ales us.

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    1. There may be nobody on the planet who turns a phrase better than you, my brother! 😂 That and a little socially-conscious kneeling may get you blackballed from some institutions but it gets you five stars on TBT. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


      I do drink other beers besides CL when I’m taking my time on the first few (Alaskan Amber, Killian’s Red, Red Trolley Ale, and Shiner Boch are some of my favorites) but when at the bar – or in the yard – and it’s “session beer” I’m drinking (one after another after another after …) I stick to the light, cheap, and easy. 😉

      Guinness I can try again, some day, probably with my good friend Christie (she’s a big fan), but Tartan Special is a new one to me. What’s the IBU rating? Bitterness is WAY more important to me than ABV. Gotta keep that bitterness below 25 for me to really consider it. Can’t stand the bitter beers a lot of people like!

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      1. It’s been, oh, more than thirty years since I had a pint of Tartan Special–can’t seem to find it ’round these parts, but as a Scottish ale I recall it was very much on the malty side, and a quick search shows its IBUs at a low 22. Oh, there are those who prefer their IPAs and their beer so heavy with hops it’s like drinking Pine Sol, but I’d rather have something that doesn’t leave my tongue numb.

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  4. I enjoyed the journey through pictures! I’m quite interested in the book, I like the semi-political points you made and yet I’ve already forgotten what I was going to comment because the doggos distracted me. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve wanted a golden retriever for years now, but because it’ll probably never happen I end up “aww-ing” over other peoples’ furballs!

    PS. Once had a JD shot with Pepsi Max given in a pint glass. That was also bizarre.

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    1. I love them doggos so much! More to come, I promise. ❤️

      It’s funny, a bartender gal who’s a good friend of our group used to pour a random shot of something in my beer when I went to the bathroom, back when we all drank more than we do now (which is more than we should, still 😉 ). I’d be like, “Man, this beer is hitting me hard today!” and everyone would laugh and I’d be like “Girl, you did it again, didn’t you?!” and everyone would laugh more but I’d laugh most because I got a free shot on the house and I was drunker than them. 😁

      See, I wind my stories sometimes. 😂

      What I meant to say is thank you, Caz! And check out that book. Still blowing me away!

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