Happy Birthday, Joe!

Due to the volume of emails, personal letters, and candlelight vigils held outside my work and home, I felt this was the time to speak out…

Miss me?

Let’s get the personal stuff out of the way first:

I’m working six days a week again, which isn’t as hard as it sounds, while my best pal takes some time off to battle his canceric demons. It is too a word. How could I type it if ain’t a word? Beyond that I’ve just been laying low, playing wise, and spending my time with Mrs C and our three golden boys. Also, I’m still trying to cut down a tree because I’m stubborn and have the time.

How are you?

And now to your cards and letters:

To correspondent K-Mac from Bakersfield, the answer would be no. No, the two new historic spending bills passed by Congress – one already signed by President B – are not bad policy, and yes we can afford ‘em. We cannot afford to watch our infrastructure fail. We cannot afford to ignore our childcare needs. We cannot afford to ignore climate change. We cannot afford to ignore the rising costs of health care, of housing, and of subsidizing the super rich. Neither bill does enough, but it’s time to stop the bleeding and get America back on the right track after nearly going off the rails under a super-criminal former president whose name rhymes with “Rump.” Which means rear. Which means ass. Some things we can’t make up.

Thanks for writing in.

To Mr Black from Wisconsin, I did indeed see the outcome, thanks. The whole affair was tragic, including the inequality and racial injustice that led to the international backlash throughout the summer of 2020. Remember when that quarterback in the 2010s and that Baptist minister in the 1960s warned us about that before their lives and careers were tragically cut down? Man, I tell ya. As for Kyle over there, yeah, the jury has spoken. That’s the system in play. Look, it pays to be a white kid with a nice haircut. Never mind that this kid wanted nothing more than to grab a gun and kill someone, and he got his wish. There are no laws against privately wanting to shoot someone else. And during all that chaos the kid fulfilled every gun-nut child’s personal fantasy and now he’s gotten away with it. “I just killed someone,” the active shooter bragged. Later others tried to end the killing rampage and one of them lost their life, too. Shame on America.

The question now is, when will he kill again?

And finally, to Shades Thee Chief from Scranton, congratulations on your successful medical exam. Thank you for noting, as you did in your email, what a historic moment that was when the first woman ever took on the presidential powers in America, however briefly. In a lot of ways, we’ve come a long way. In a lot of ways there is still a long way to go. But the current president has indeed already produced great returns on our investment in him, in regard to infrastructure, economy, climate change, foreign policy, domestic policy, human rights, and the battle against Covid-19. Infrastructure week finally came, and every president since I was a teen has promised that. Good job, Joe. The never-ending war was ended. His was the 4th administration to promise that but the only one to get it done. Good job, Joe. He’s already done a lot. Americans already don’t like him, just like they don’t like most of ’em at one point or another. I think Americans just don’t like their presidents. That’s fine. Joe’s done a pretty good job so far, but there’s still a lot to do. What will history say, I always say.

Appreciate the email, Shades. And Happy Birthday, Joe. 79 has never looked so good.

I better get out of here. The goldens are starting to stir. I have to get to Day Six. Appliances to sell. Hugs and kisses to you, nationals and internationals alike. I’ve missed you. Prepare for some Happy Holidays.

Good news and bad news come at us every day. Understand the bad but focus on the good, k?

The best is yet to come.

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Joe!

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! True about Shades; he’s done a credible job, so far. I had low expectations, to be frank, but he’s certainly exceeded them and he deserves kudos for that.

      As for me? I was recently charged my WP renewal fee and I said to Tom, “Tom, that’s a great place to hang out and, you know, write stuff,” and Tom said, “True, let’s get back to that!”

      So … let’s!

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  1. BROTHER TOM!! I so missed your…….words, lol. I hope you, Mrs. C and the doggos are doing well. I agree with Suzanne, President Biden has done a lot of good, but the wrong people will says he’s not, and hate him not knowing how hard being President really is. Well, when you actually do the job instead of using social media like a petulant 12 year old to post stupid shit all day long, that Rump was a mess. Actually still is…🤨

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    1. He most certainly still is! It’s odd, though, there appears to be a contingent of Americans who still revere him, though he’s been a transparent cad from the first and a proven one now. Well, I think some people like the idea of something so much that the reality of it never does sink in. Bless their hearts.

      As for us, doing well! Status quo which, in our case, is all we hope for. So good to hear from you Sister H!

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    1. Cannot blame you for that emotion; it was a shameful moment in a country that refuses to learn its lessons regarding firearms. I fear the progress on that front will be stalled for some time to come. In other areas we are advancing, but sensible gun control is off the table…for now.

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      1. In the short run, no. In the long run, the sheer absurdity of this forbearance may cause a backlash against such things that will hurt the cause of the vengeful more than help them. The trick, however, is getting from here to there with minimal loss.


  2. I see you survived the California fires and the drought this year. You’re north enough to maybe catch some of our NW La Nina wetness, maybe Lake Shasta will refill… LA’s in for a dry winter, though.

    Politics? I’m just so glad to not feel compelled to watch the news anymore, you know, to see what new calamity has befallen the Nation and the World. As long as the media has local injustices to focus on, we’re good.

    You play cryptocurrency roulette? I don’t, but I’m wondering what other think of this lasting craze.

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    1. I must admit I’m all but clueless on cryptocurrency; I work my day and earn my pay and pay my bills and enjoy what I can. Investments? I autopay into retirement funds and let the “experts” balance the gains. Hell, I don’t even put my comic books in plastic anymore. 🤷

      Should I? Should I in-crypt?

      As for the news, it rarely plays these days. During the Rump run I usually had it on in the evenings, in the background, to hear the inanity play out. Thankfully, the days of “exciting” government are somewhat behind us. Give me boring Joe. Next, give me a young, unexciting replacement. Let the gears of progress wind with little fanfare. I’m provide the embellishment.

      We need that rain, my friend. I won’t complain. But the summers are getting fiercer. It’s almost like the climate is changing or something. Maybe someone should talk about that. 😉

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    1. Joe’s taken a good hit recently, not from the Afghan exit (that was brave and was always gonna have newsreels like that, no matter who pulled the plug) but from the usual source: “fellow” Democrats. Republicans rally around their leader (good or bad) in the US, Democrats eat their own. Right now, Joe is beaten eaten alive by another democrat named Joe.

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