24 Wonderful Years

Time moves fast. One day you’re watching the Bills lose yet another Super Bowl and vowing to marry a girl someday, then the next thing you know you’re headed to Vegas half a decade later to lay down those vows. There were many adventures before that day, but significantly more since.

Buying homes. Moving. Owning a business. Mickey. Going to work for others. Changing jobs. El Niño winters. King. Super Bowl Champion Rams. Falling towers. Maverick. Exodus. Sears. Banking collapse. Moxie. Recession. Bankruptcy. Foreclosure. Irreconcilable differences reconciled. Ludo. Old friends. New friends. Hope. Change. The Trump years. Marvel. Contagion. The worst times. The best times. For all time.

It was 24 years ago now that we walked down the aisle the first time. 24 years. 6 blocks of 4. It is staggering the changes a person can go through in two decades plus, and exponential the changes a couple might see/face/experience in that time. It’s hard to stay together through the chaotic waves of time. Near impossible.

But that is what we did. From our discovery of each other in the early 90s, through our marriage at the end of a millennium, into the new century together, and all the challenges the world faced and we faced – as young adults, as mature humans, in our 40s, and into middle age. We stayed together. We adapted to the changes. We held on tighter. Through the good times. Through the bad times. Through the sunshine and the storm.

Happiest of Anniversaries to my beloved wife of 24 years. What’s that one called? 25 is silver. We are almost silver (and not yet entirely gray). Pick a cliché, folks, and they are all true. She completes me. Can’t live without her. Meant to be. Written in the stars. Best friends. Love of my life. Luckiest man alive.

Suzanne Hope Cummings.

Suzie Q.

I love you.

Forever times infinity plus another Monday, today. ❤️

26 thoughts on “24 Wonderful Years

  1. I’m turning up the Credence Clearwater Revival in your honor, and hoping for a minimum of twenty-four more years for the two of you, although it’s wonderful that it’s not just the two of you. With your pups every day is Golden, and being Retrievers they keep bringing back the joy. Not that I’m downplaying Mrs. C’s role in it. And I checked and found that the traditional 24th anniversary gift is musical instruments, so this seems appropriate:

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