Life Goes On

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday. She is something-something years old now and we’ve been together for gobs and gobs of years. I usually try and say something nice about her on Facebook, even though she’s not on Facebook, because it means something to me that folks understand that she means everything to me. Yesterday I said this, over there:

These are unusual times. In any other times we’d be planning a big gathering this weekend, at Kobe most likely, to help this lady celebrate the turning of the years. But these are unusual times. I’m stuck at home. You’re stuck at home. She’s stuck at home. If there is one consolation in these times, it is the consolation that if we are to be shut out, temporarily, from the world we’ve made, at least we are stuck in here together. She’s my wife, my confidant, my best friend, and my strength when I am weak. I’ve married her twice; I’d marry her again. Please join me in wishing Mrs C a very special birthday, despite these unusual times. Blow up this wall. Blow up her phone. Remind her that, though she is far away, she is still there in your hearts. She is all of mine. And I will cherish her for eternity.

Folks did – they reached out to her on my wall and on her phone – all day long. For that I appreciate my peeps. My friends. My family. In today’s connected world there doesn’t have to be a line between those distinctions. My family are all close, personal friends of mine. My friends are all family.

The Gang, 2017
The Siblings, 2013

Amongst my friends, my family, I have believers and skeptics. Republicans and Democrats. Hardline conservatives and soft-hearted liberals. I can turn to the left and speak to someone who loves AOC and hates Donald Trump. I can turn to the right and speak to someone who hates AOC and loves Donald Trump. And I don’t mean that figuratively. Many times, on many occasions, I can do that at the very table I sit.

On my Facebook feed right now there are jokes and gripes about quarantine. There is a reposting of a Forbes article decrying the actions of Drs Phil, Oz, and Drew. There is a picture of a bacon face mask. There is encouragement, anger, joy, hope, laughter, fear, information, misinformation, long hair, short supply, and veiled threats. Libertarians are buying ammo. Humanitarians are condemning disparity. The revolution is coming. The end is always near.

I see it all.

I take it in.

I click it. I like it.

A stipulation we can get behind

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday. She is fearful of pandemic but works in a safe place. She is essential. Her company separates the employees, supplies them with disinfectant, pays them extra, shortens their hours and honors their full day’s wage. She thanks her stars every day she stumbled upon them last May. Yesterday we had take-out sushi, Malibu rum, and birthday cake. We watched Star Wars.

The day before we signed the papers on a refinance that secured our quarantine for a fresh 30 years, should we need it. It also saved us $500 a month. That doesn’t suck.

I had a lady walk into the store on Wednesday, pretty worn out from life and probably younger than she looked, and she had one simple demand, “I need a new fridge, but I can’t spend more than $1200!” I sold her a fridge for around $1000. Grocery money left over. She needs another stimulus.

On the way to work Tuesday, I smiled and told myself I live a charmed life. I lifted my sports bottle immediately after to take a drink of water and realized I didn’t secure the top. My charmed life spilled all over my pants and shirt. A subtle reminder, from the universe, to shut the hell up. Focus on the here and now. Don’t get cocky. It could all spill over in a second.

Lesson learned.

I hope you’ve had a good week. I know it’s been tough. This isn’t normal. No matter your predilections something you’re used to having is denied you right now. That sucks.

But be here, now. Celebrate the moments, however you can. Secure your lid. Spend less than you have. Love your friends and family. Love yourself.

Ob-La-Di. After all.



29 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Two is always better than one, birds of a feather flock together, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em, politics makes strange bedfellows, misery loves company, and somewhere this train of thought went completely off the rails.
    What matters is that I hope Mrs. C had a very happy birthday and here’s hoping for a better one next year. I’m raising a toast to the good health of her, you, and all others, and I mean that literally because I’m having toast for breakfast, and a little bacon–bacon, the food so delicious it’s been condemned by two major world religions. I may also drink to your good health. You know what they say: the sun’s always above the yardarm somewhere.

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    1. LOL @ “two major world religions”! 😂😂😂

      We have a running tally of birthdays missed during the pandemic so we can throw a big, combined party for everyone in our clan when this is over. We’ll have to take the month of July off to recover from celebrating not having to take the month of June. 😉

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      1. A belated happy birthday to Mrs. C. She falls into the same category as my 2 granddaughters who have had covid-19 altered birthdays.
        It wasn’t exactly a birthday you’d dream about having but it will be one you’ll never, ever forget.

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  2. Your optimism and positivity spills from the page through my monitor to me and makes me smile (and I didn’t even get splashed by your water). We can all use more reasons to smile and be grateful, so thank you, Tom.

    Happy birthday, Mrs. C!

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    1. Thank you, Steve! She went through quite a scare when her workmate with whom she is in closest proximity got really sick with all the right symptoms. Turned out not to be the thing but further separations are being implemented in her workplace, just in case. Truly a bizarre time!

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