Early on Tuesday

I woke up early this morning and, as I do, I read a few pages from the book I’m currently perusing. Then I balanced my weekend spending to Quicken. I updated my quality of life spreadsheet and found it satisfying, so I moved on to other things.

But it was 5:43, I was all caught up, and I had no other things.

“Perfect,” Tom said to Tom, “now you can bang out a quick blog.”

Without any topics on my mind at the moment I decided to go to the Archives. You might recall that I lost my original blog in December of 2018 and there were 250 old posts I have been reviving. But since I’d already reposted my obvious favorites I was stuck there, too. I mean, there are still some decent ones. Like the the time I achieved dream control. There is also the letter to my future self, as requested by Sister Kim, out there unrevived. And then, of course, there’s the one about being married to Mary Poppins which, as you can imagine, compares Mrs C to a Disney character that birds and turtles dance about magically.

It occurred to me I’ve never actually seen Mary Poppins. Do birds and turtles do that?

Nevertheless, I wasn’t feeling any of that this morning, so I decided not to bring them up. Please email your requests.

Suddenly it was 5:51 and I still had no topic. I decided to brainstorm a bit. There was that mock trial in the Senate starting today, the one in which both sides of the “jury pool” had publicly made up their minds in advance and in which no evidence or witnesses were expected. But since I had already made up my mind, as well, there was no reason to bring it up again today. I could talk about my life assessment spreadsheet (mentioned above), and how that helps me feel better about Tom on groggy mornings, but it’s Tuesday. Nobody wants self-improvement tips on Tuesday.

I thought I could just post a picture of my dogs wrestling:

But then what? Now all we had was a couple hundred readers, a few words about nothing, and a cute pic of three golden retrievers biting at each other. How can that be a complete thing?

So I thought I would just abandon the project altogether. Live to fight another day. Maybe instead of posting I’d just go catch up on all of your updates out there, in all those social media outlets you inhabit. Maybe I’d check my Instagram. That’s a quarterly thing I do and it’s been about a quarter. Then I thought I could just play some Madden. The Rams are doing better there than in real life, anyway.

But, no, it felt like a waste. Maybe I could give you my Super Bowl pick instead? The Chiefs are favored to beat the Niners by 1 ½ in Miami but I don’t see it. In January and February the tougher team tends to beat the faster team and there is no doubt in my mind the Niners are the tougher team. Niners over Chiefs by a touchdown or two. Blech.

I reserve the right to change my mind about that over the next two, hype-filled weeks.

Alright, that’s enough. It’s 6:01 and I just wasted 3 minutes of your time with another blog about nothing.

Check the tagline about that, though. It’s still just me, most of the time.

Talking about stuff. 😊

48 thoughts on “Early on Tuesday

  1. I know people struggle with topics to blog about on a regular basis but I swear I’ve never had that problem. My brain spews ridiculous ideas at such an alarming rate I can hardly keep up.
    Dog wrestling? I could totally give you 1000 meaningless words right there!

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    1. I believe it! I have that same sort of mind, so this occasional “got nothing to say” as I roll on about a hundred different things is sort of a running gag on TBT, since the beginning. When I know I want to write, but I don’t feel like deep digging, I just sort of hit on a dozen things with the wink and the nod that nothing’s on my mind. 😉

      And in case none of that works I post a dog picture, too, just in case. 😁

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  2. Well, I’m not a fan of an empty pan
    but I know where to find you, Pancakes
    Stack ’em high, I’ll eat ’em low
    Five or ten, now they’re good to go

    Pancakes, please!
    Pancakes, please!
    Don’t be such a tease
    Serve me up some pancakes, please

    I’m gonna walk right in and sit on down
    You better make sure that they’re golden brown
    The raw batter smells just like sperm
    But when you cook it, it doesn’t, just like sperm

    Pancakes, please!
    Pancakes, please!
    Don’t be such a tease
    Serve me up some pancakes, please

    (lyrics by Sarah Silverman)

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      1. Yes (please). Blueberry would be wonderful. Of course, the written word can’t do justice to Sarah’s sublime ode to flapjacks, so if you want to hear her belt it out in all its glory, I posted it on Mole’s page. That’s what he gets for making the foolish decision to give me access to his blog.

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  3. Hi Tom. You’ve either already posted in detail your ‘quality of life’ spreadsheet or I’m the only weirdo who wants to know all about it; it sounds like something I need – desperately need. So, when you have time with nothing to do and feel like posting, share that…would you?

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  4. I think it’s a blahs month – January – overall. I’ve never liked it and not about to change my mind anytime soon. However I did wake to a revelation of sorts, also at 5 this morning. Change, I hate it and that’s my topic for today 🤪

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  5. Ha ha, I was thinking of blogging about nothing myself tomorrow. I usually have something ready for the mornings but I’ve been laid up with a bad cold and haven’t had the brain power to write anything. Great photo of your dogs. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Jill. Sometimes it’s fun to just start writing and see where it goes. That describes this entry (and others like it now and then) to a tee. I just started writing the first sentence and ended up with the last one. In-between? Stuff. 😁

      Feel better quick!

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  6. Well in spite of blogging about nothing, that picture of the puppers was sure a topic waiting to happen, lol. It looks like they’ve all got tied up in the mouth for some reason, and really can’t see what.

    On the other hand, Tom might just be able to predict the Super Bowl this year, I mean if he uses his Quicken software to do so, lol.

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  7. LOL! Like “The Great Karnak” I hold my Quicken disk to the forehead and say “42!”

    No, that’s not the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy’s “answer to the secret of the universe” (opening the envelope) it’s the number or points KC needs to put the Niners away!

    Believe it or not, by the way, the puppers are fighting over the torn off tail of a very large stuffed dog. They have a hundred toys in the box, but that was the object of the day’s affection! 🤣


  8. I can write and write and then wonder if I’ve really written anything at all. You should see my drafts folder. That might be a good blog post, just showing all the unfinished ideas I have sitting in there.

    BTW, I agree that SF is probably going to prevail in the Superbowl, but if you’ll forgive the cliche, I just hope it’s a good game.

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    1. Completely forgiven! I honestly hope it’s a blowout the other way, with KC burying the upstart 49ers, but I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

      As for the writings, I tend to head in knowing I’m going to do a “blog about nothing” post or, more directly, a blog touching on a lot of little somethings. Sometimes I wanna dig in deep, sometimes I just wanna mention a few quick things (Super Bowl thoughts, what I’m reading, impeachment, puppy pics). It’s mostly “what I’m up to right now.” I like to read those meandering posts, too, when others do ’em (which I think I told you before). Slice-o-life blogging. 😉

      I’d love to see you do that with your unfinished ideas!

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  9. Terry Pratchett set himself a goal of writing at least two thousand words a day, which, for a professional writer, isn’t that much–usually about four pages, depending on your font settings. He seems to have exceeded that: he wrote something like nine thousand books. And he has a short essay about a day he struggled and fell short of his daily allotment–I think the finally tally was somewhere around 1,975 words, finally tapped out just before midnight.
    So, yeah, if even the most prolific scribbler has fallow periods what hope do those of us with responsibilities other than la vie de belles lettres have?
    What I’m getting at here is that I’m sure Mrs.C has birds and turtles dancing around her regularly, and that your dogs help you live a Mary Poppins kind of life since they’re so animated.

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    1. My dogs think you’re the bees knees for that comment, Chris! But, seriously, I’m pretty good at setting daily goals, just like Mr Pritchett. Unlike Terry, though, I’m also pretty good at falling short of them on a more regular basis. 😉

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      1. I just hope I can encourage you in your 2020 goal of writing a work of fiction, because I can imagine you doing that. I can imagine you writing a story about a guy who sells woodworking tools, and is a baseball fan. He lives somewhere in Southern California with his wife and three Labrador Retrievers. He meets friends for coffee on Saturday mornings and calls it “sanctuary”. And he has an autobiographical blog where he writes about being…Tim.


      2. Sanctuary! I love that and wish I’d thought of it myself. Instead of a pastor I could be a peacemaker! Peacemaker Tim, in the house!

        In an alternate universe I probably have a black goatee and arched eyebrows. Maybe I’m a stoic, never too high, never too low. I’m probably rooting for the 49ers in this Super Bowl and love the fact that the Giants have won so many World Series lately and the Dodgers haven’t won since 1988. I probably think Tom Brady is a fraud.

        Still, I’m betting I’m smart enough to realize Trump is a self-absorbed conman and terrible for both America and the world. I mean, even Tim could see that. 🙂

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    1. The no-improvement Tuesday has passed. I’m going to give you a lift: always be aware that the nature of mankind is not selfish, but cooperative. The long arc of history favors progress. We are in, or are on the verge of, the golden age. 🙂

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  10. I say just throw out there any ridiculous idea that pops into you mind, I’ll be very happy to read 🤩if then you attach the pic of the three retriever …..it will be an epic post 😍

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