A Week of Sundays

December is typically lighter in the appliance world, so I took my first vacation in over two years this month. Due to a scheduling miracle I ended up with 9 days off in a row. I am on day 8. Naturally, because this was one of those planned staycations, I am sore as hell.

The first day off was a deluge. Not of busyness, that came later, but of rain. It featured some of the hardest and wettest rains I’d seen in a while. So, naturally, I picked that day to fuel up both cars.

Mrs C doesn’t fill up her own car, anymore. I made that decision some years ago. When I see her little 2004 Honda Civic with half a tank I take it down to the local Chevron and top it off. Her car was slightly below half a tank and my 2017 Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One was at about a quarter full. So I braved the rain and flooded streets to take care of that.

I bought the 2017 Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One brand new, at a civic center car sale on a Memorial Day weekend, for my wife. Ostensibly. I wanted her to have the newer car and I’d take the older car. She resisted. She’d like to never give up that old Civic. She hates to drive anything bigger. So I got stuck with the newer car and she kept the old one. I didn’t want you to think I was a meanie for having the newer car. Not my choice.

The Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One model wasn’t my first choice, either. I went to the civic center car show to buy a CR-V in a fabulous blue I’d fallen in love with. The salesman recommended I drive a Nissan Rogue, too, because he personally liked the handling better. So did I. But Mrs C didn’t like the blue of the Rogue, and refuses white, so the only one they had on the lot, in black, was the Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One. But it was $4000 more so I said “no thanks, order me one and transfer it.” And then the sales manager said “what if I give you the Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One for the same price as one I’d transfer?” and I said “Okay,” because it had a panoramic sun roof, and those are pretty cool. It also had lights under the dash that would alternate between light saber colors. I like light sabers.

The whole concept of Star Wars is a great one. The classic Hero’s Journey. Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader. The Force. The Dark Side. Robots. Blasters. Scoundrels. Aliens. Chewie. Just amazing on paper. I owned several items based on the movie when I was a kid: maps, encyclopedias, action figures, toys. But the movies were just so … lame. There were cool scenes. The opening bit in both Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi made me giddy. But, overall, just so meh. Execution. It just lacked execution.

At any rate, I have the car now, so I never outgrew my Star Wars toys. I think I’ll buy my wife a Batmobile next.

I suppose when I started this you might have thought I had a rainy day car accident story to tell.  I don’t. The Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One hasn’t been in an accident since those first three in August 2017, December 2017, and March 2018. I’m lucky like that.

Yesterday, the Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One quit working, though. I had just finished vacuuming it and it wouldn’t start. My garage is at the bottom of a steep driveway and I had the son of a bitch centered in the garage for easy cleaning, so there would be no pushing it out or driving a car in to jump start. So I went to the store. At the store was the coolest thing ever. About the size of a cell phone, and around $80, was this little device that could jump-start a whole car. I said “no way.” The salesman at Ace read the box and said “way.” So I took it home, charged it up, attached it to my battery, and jump-started my spaceship. First push. Amazing. And it will jump-start a car 5 or 6 times on a full charge. It also has a built-in flashlight and two USB ports to charge phones and tablets. Seriously, go buy one. Keep it in your glove box. You’ll thank me someday.

I get no proceeds from that link or that sell. It’s just really, really cool.

I’m running out of space so I’m not going to go through my entire week, as I’d planned. I’ll just recap my Monday-Friday: I got a lot of shit done. If you give me several days off in a row with nowhere to go and a lot of beer chances are I’m going to reorganize virtually everything. Twice. That’s just how I roll. The bread to that organizing sandwich consists of a Sunday of football (and beer), and a Saturday of helping my best friends move in across the street (and beer).

Beer plays every bit as important a role in my life as Star Wars does. Except I really like beer.

That’s it, folks, I’m going to roll on out now and get ready for a day of heavy lifting. Y’all have a great day. Fill up your vehicles. Buy a miraculous jump starter. Watch a movie you’d like to like.

Find independent progressive news sources. Change the world.

And love one another, k?

Right now. ✌️

22 thoughts on “A Week of Sundays

  1. Nissan Rogue One? Wtf?! I’m a Star Wars fan but I’m.not obsessed. Although if Ford had a black and yellow Steeler edition F150 Sport, I’d take it. But beer would probably play a part in that decision as well, lol. Cheers Pastor Tom Pole Saw! 🍻🍺

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  2. It sounds like your Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One went to Mos Eisley without you knowing it. Because you’ll never find a more wretched hive–never mind, I just think that if you’ve got a Star Wars car it should be able to drive itself. Or at least fly. Although the light saber lights are cool and the car itself generally proves the old saying that the geek shall inherit the Earth.
    That little starter-charger device is really cool, though. Perfect for giving your droid some more power when you’ve crash-landed on Dagobah. I’m putting that on my holiday list–not for me but for the frequent traveler in my family.
    Anyway I’m glad you got yout car started and that you didn’t have to push it anywhere because that would have required a lot of…Force.

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    1. Haha! Your comments are always even better than my posts (which, come to think of it, may not be truly stellar praise 😉 ). The Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One has been through a lot in its short life, which has always led me to suspect the town is crawling with rebel scum. Me and the other two Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue Ones in town will have to band together to drive them from hiding. I have, while speeding about, seen another black one, and a white one which – you might guess – is more of a stormtrooper than a death trooper. That being the case, it’s probably best if the other two of us do the shooting. Fare thee well, Chris, and may the yadda yadda yadda, you know the rest. 😁

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  3. I laughed out loud at the first mention of The Limited Edition Star Wars Nissan Rogue One, and every time after that. My wife has one and believe it or not I also had to get the light saber spaceship hyperdrive charging device because it was docked on the side of my house when the space battery died and I couldn’t get any other ship in there to hyperjump it.

    BTW, sorry about striking your Rams down last Sunday. If it’s any consolation I am sure the dark side Eagles will avenge you this Sunday.

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    1. Get out! I missed this comment when it first came up (somehow) but it blows my mind (again)! She really has a LESWNRO? In black? There’s another black one driving around town, and I saw the white one in front of me at a stoplight a year or so ago. Damn cool!

      The Eagles did indeed get their revenge. Now y’all gotta root for the G-Men while beating the Skins, or it’s over. The Rams gave up two 3rd and 16s in the final drive against the hated Niners to let the season slip away. 😡 Now it’s the damn Cards, for nothing but pride. I’d say we should lose to get a better 1st rounder, but we already traded that away to “win now.” 🙄

      Sorry I missed ya 10 days ago. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, Arionis!

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  4. How can you be running out of space? LIES!

    The car looks pretty neat.
    If I didn’t have my jumper already, I probably would have gone to buy it. Those things are lifesavers (not lightsabers).

    I liked your “no way”/”way” part. For some reason it made me chuckle. Yes, it takes that much.

    So do you just take one car, fill up, come back, take the second car, fill up, come back? Sounds a bit tedious/unnecessary/time-consuming.

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    1. That’s exactly what I do! But everything I do, I do for love. And because her car is 15 years old and she refuses to give it up and I’m afraid I may have to go bail her out anyway if it breaks down so I might as well do it my damn self. 🤣

      Thanks for finding this and reading and commenting! Looks like you enjoy the “week in review” posts the most? Might have to do another all-picture one again soon. No way, you say?

      Way. 😁

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