Green and Gold

Since last we met my life, as it is known, has been a blur. Constant motion. Unrelenting chronal momentum. A race against entropy.

Remember the first time you saw Speed, with Keanu and Sandra, and how the movie just started with a burst of energy and that burst of energy just continued for, like, 90 minutes and it seemed as if at any time during that 90 minutes your heart rate decelerated below 155 it would explode?

Well, really, it hasn’t been that dramatic. But I have been really, really busy. Especially this week.

In a normal week I hang out a bit on Sunday with some pals, then I get a bunch of stuff done around the house, then I have a MTW work schedule with Thursday off, and then a Fri/Sat schedule before another funday on Sunday. Go ahead and mark that all on your calendar so you can keep track later. Okay? Okay.

This week is one of those weird weeks where I don’t get much of a break. Sunday I had to spend extra time doing stuff that I would have done on Thursday because I didn’t get Thursday off. I shifted it for Saturday so I can do something fun on Saturday, which – if you’ve been paying attention for any length of time – you probably already know about.

Because this weekend is St Patrick’s Day weekend.

So, yeah, a bunch of friends and I take the 3-hour drive to Reno, get all shamrocked out, and party like it’s 1699. It’s like that Santa Crawl thing I do, only with leprechauns. It’s fun. Come join us. I’ll be the one at the end of the rainbow on the pixie’s back.


Don’t judge me.

Of course, with all of that going on, and my continued commitment to “read more,” “get more done around the house,” and “be more focused at work,” time just kind of gets away from me. Fast. Like bus-rides-in-cheesy-90s-movies-with-Dennis-Hopper fast.

And speaking of work, it’s been a doozy. We’re usually pretty slow this time of year, from about the time folks start saying “Happy Holidays” to each other until about the time folks cash their returned overpayment checks to Uncle Sam, we’re pretty slow. We have not been. We have not been slow, at all. I’m barely able to keep up with orders, and I’m constantly working to make more room for product on the floor and in the warehouse. I’m a stickler for being able to move about the store and, as you know, I’m sort of OCD about organization. My showroom is like one, big constant garage-cleaning right now. So I guess you can say I’m pretty happy.

And then, of course, there’s the puppy thing. I would be remiss if I didn’t post a few pics of the litter we’ll be choosing from (most likely have chosen from). Mrs C has been spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone with the breeder, or over at the breeder’s house cuddling them and helping to feed them. The mama got sick just days after the pups were born so hand-feeding became a constant thing. Luckily, my wife loves the nurturing of puppies thing. She’s got a heart of gold(en).

Regardless, we’re only a couple of weeks from bringing the little tyke home, so I’ve got some backyard prepping to do. You know, chicken wire around the deck so he doesn’t stray under there, securing the bottoms of fencings so that he doesn’t wander away. I gotta pull the crate out of storage, too, since I packed it away once Ludo got the hang of not chewing up furniture when we were away. #FreeChunk might be a thing soon.

Probably not, since “Chunk” is just the working title of the pup-to-come, and will not be his actual name. I still like “Marvel” for a name, but Mrs C only answers “we’ll see” when I bring that up. That really means no.

So that’s what I’ve been up to since last we met. The only other thing to announce, from this week, is that Beto O’Rourke is officially a candidate for president, officially my early favorite to overthrow the autocrat, and I officially made a contribution to his campaign this morning. I think that’s the earliest I’ve done that in an election cycle so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.

I’ll have more to say when I get back Tuesday, though I may not say it ‘til Thursday or Sunday. In the meantime, think of me and follow my antics on Facebook. There’s likely to be a bunch of new, green pictures there on Sunday.

Now go have a great weekend. And Happy St Paddy’s. 😊

35 thoughts on “Green and Gold

  1. The discovery that Irish DNA is holding parts of me together has increased my love for the St Patrick’s Day celebration. Last year, me and my partner celebrated by listening to Irish drinking songs and competing to name as many Patricks as we could. I think perhaps, your plans are better. Slainte!

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  2. Excuse me while I make a note that I need to watch Speed. Another friend recently told me she’s surprised by my admissions of what I haven’t seen, but then added that I’ve probably read more books than she has. That may be true but it’s not a competition–we all have our passions and our pursuits, as well as our various gaps, although I do sometimes want to yell, “Everyone please stop making new things until I get caught up!”
    That may cause some misunderstanding and there are some new things that are always welcome–like puppies. There’s always time for puppies.
    Also go Beto and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and you might see me snaking around.

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  3. Another “don’t blink” movie I just witnessed – Alita Battle Angel – best movie I’ve seen in years.

    St. Paddy’s Day: Now that’s my kind of nationalism. Let’s only celebrate a country’s drinking and eating heritage and ignore all the other political BS.

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    1. I’ll make a note of that, AM! “Alita Battle Angel.” Marked.

      As for the Irish, I admit that the Leprechaun, and St Patrick’s Day, are just another excuse to party for me, like Cinco de Mayo or Christmas. I’m not really celebrating the Battle of Puebla or the mythical birth of a son god anymore than I am celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, but I am celebrating. I am celebrating being alive and doing so around amazing people (who may or may not believe in Jesus or revel in the glory of the Mexican Army defeating the French).

      At any rate, cheers to you on this, the 4th day after!

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  4. Oh, those puppy pictures just made my heart melt! Which one is yours? I’m with you on Marvel, for sure. Happy St. Paddy’s Day! By the way, I opened this at work on Friday to the shot of that Lucky Fuck shirt just as my boss walked into my office, haha!

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    1. Lmao! Maybe I should hashtag some of my posts as #NSFW. Tell your boss Tom is sorry. 😉

      As for little Marvel, he’s the one in the first and third pics with the red collar and white stars. I have so many more photos of him now, since Mrs C is there just about every other day coddling him and creating a lifetime of separation anxiety. As Chris would say, though, that’s another story.

      Oh, and Marvel? I think Mrs C has chosen “Romeo” instead, which I’m okay with. The FINAL decision hasn’t been made, but more and more I hear her favoring that one. I thought “Comet” would be cool, too. What’s more appropriate than a “heavenly body with a tail.” 😁


      1. Oh my, that is so soon!!! I can’t wait for the millions of pictures you absolutely must share!!! And of course the name reveal, once you and Mrs. C have agreed on the perfect name!

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