Five Years of Tom

Hi! I’m Tom.

I just had my 5-year anniversary on WordPress.

Well, by “just had” I really mean sometime in February so – if I’m just being honest – I just had my 5-year-and-almost-two-month anniversary on WordPress. Nevertheless, that means I’ve been writing about Tom being Tom for half a decade, give or take a lapse.

Remember my crash?

Or that time I took 3 months off inadvertently between December ’20 and March ’21?

Like I explained last time, last year, ages ago, time has gotten the better of me. That’s mostly true, but equally true is that Tom, for the first time in what seems like a long time, didn’t have much to say.

I wasn’t into talking about the business these last few weeks, even though we shattered all our previous records again and had our first $300k month. Yay team. I wasn’t into discussing the state of the Rams (Goff for Stafford!) or the State of the Union (Donnie for Joe!). Speaking of which, isn’t Joey B doing a bang up job so far? Better than I expected, I can tell you that. And it sure is nice not to hear from or about that imbecilic other guy all the time, huh?

But I haven’t really felt like talking about it. Honestly, the best politics are the ones we don’t have to talk about. A president who gets up, goes to work, and does his job without begging us on Twitter to pat him on the back? Yes, please.

I haven’t felt like talking about the virus. It’s disappointing to see so many people disregard it as it approaches the American death total of the Spanish Flu. It’s bad, it’s really contagious, and it’s not done with us yet. But folks are folks, and folks just do what they want, especially American folks. It’s hardly ever about others over here; it’s about me first. Me only.

I got my vaccine, by the way, two weeks ago. A friend of mine told me that means I can return to “church” and I told my friend, very politely, that I highly recommend everyone get their vaccine, stay home when they can, wear a mask when they have to go out in public, and avoid large/indoor gatherings with maskless folks altogether. Not just for you, but for everybody.

No way, man. Americans don’t care about everybody.

Speaking of that I’m glad the crisis on the southern border has escalated. I mean, I’m not happy there’s a crisis but I am happy it’s now happening in greater numbers on the US side of the border. Cages are bad, man, and we gotta fix that. But I’d rather those atrocities were happening here where it is in the limelight and we can do something about it. I shudder to think what happened to those who met a wall the last four years, literally and figuratively, and were turned away into a far worse hell. I know. I’m a bad American. I care about everybody.

A few years ago, maybe even ten now, I had my appliance installer friend pick up a water heater of his choice and replace the broken one at our old Cal Ore house. He took out a 66-gallon tank and put in a 40-gallon tank which, I realize, was wise knowing we only had 2-3 people in the home. But he didn’t understand, because I didn’t tell him, that Mrs C likes very long – and I mean very long – showers. When we moved to Wexford the very first thing she told me was that the water heater “better be bigger than 40 gallons!” It wasn’t. Wexford had a 40-gallon tank. So, for the better part of the last decade I’ve heard, at least twice a week, how the shower ran out of hot water again today.

Two nights ago I announced that I was spending my stimulus, and whatever else I have to throw in, to get a tankless water heater for Mrs C. Endless hot water. I’ve never seen her so happy.

Make the people you love in your life happy. Keep them warm and safe. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Care for others. Vote for good people. Go Rams.


I’m Tom.

It’s my 5-year anniversary on WordPress.

How have you been?

43 thoughts on “Five Years of Tom

  1. You mean the president who gets up, sends others to work because hm…let me see…others think him senile (rumor has it), then, when he finally shows up, calls another president a killer? Boy oh boy…

    Happy comeback, that’s what I’ll congratulate you on, and the jab. Yay for the seemingly invisible Tom!

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    1. Thank you, B! Yeah, that guy. Far from perfect, but better than before. 😉

      But while we’re on the subject, did you disagree with Joey’s opinion of Vlad the Intoxer? Or are you just more concerned with the escalating tensions and the possibility of the next big WW? Or (I gotta lotta ors!) are you saying that no leader of Imperial America – the unchallenged most destructive empire in world history – has any right to call another fella a killer?

      Or do you just hate his haircut?

      Inquiring Toms wanna know!

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      1. That’s not the language of diplomacy. Even if you mean it, you can’t ever say it, esp when you’re the head of state. You should soften your statements and avoid ‘finger pointing’ ones with the word ‘you.’ Mind you, I’m not supportive of Vlad but I think he’s a very smart and tactful politician, which I respect. What would have happened if he had replied with a similar statement? Joe would have certainly returned the favor. Can the Cold War get even colder? Sure it can. Hopefully the leaders will once and for all learn to bite their tongue and smile…cos, whether they like it or not, they’re on candid camera.

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      2. That’s kinda what I thought and hoped you meant. Agree entirely! Joe’s not the best, not even in the top ten, but he’s a million times better than Donnie, in every conceivable way, so I’ll take that for now. I’m still in the honeymoon period; I’ll pick on him more later. 😉

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  2. Happy anniversary, Tom! I’m glad you got vaccinated–wish I could too but our provincial government seems determined to kill us all. Biden is better than I expected, although I’m shocked that the cages weren’t one of the first things dealt with. Go Rams!

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    1. So much! I get it, though, this problem was BIG long before Joey became Imperial Master Joe, and the previous clown only made the sitch worse (read: ex-ac-er-ba-ted) so there’s a whole lotta do to do. And, the pandemic relief whatchama came first. And now, that long-awaited infrastructure fix?! Man, I remember when Billy C was running on that idea in the Year of Our Lord 1992! Everyone talks about it; nobody has the political will or capital to pull it off. 🤷

      Hey, maybe there’s a few pages in that Infra-Bill that says “no money for cages for kids; $1 trillion for new Ritz-Carlton’s on the border, courtesy of Uncle Sam. Spa days included.”

      Now that’s a reparation!

      Thank you so much for the happy wishes, Suzanne! Believe it or not, Ripley, I’m headed your way next!

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  3. Well, hello stranger. Glad to hear you got your vaccine… my husband has had both and I’m scheduled for my first next Friday. While it’s a relief the roll out is proceeding, I worry about all the people who will refuse to take it. If we’re not all on board we’ll never rid ourselves of the virus. And don’t get me started on the spring breakers.

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    1. Hello, RG! Thank you! Glad to hear you’re getting your inoculation. I lucked right into mine!

      What worries me even more than the anti-vaxxers are the liberated types. I got a whole slew of acquaintances that think that getting the virus (I know quite a few) or getting the vaccine (few of them, too) means you have the golden ticket to be as gathered, traveled, and careless as you damn well please. I know others, bless their hearts, who have been gathering, traveling, and careless right from the get-go because this thing “still ain’t no big deal.” Ignorance and selfishness reign supreme!

      Me, I just lay low, do the right things and know: when this is over I got about 100 years to party til the next one. I can afford to be smart, maybe for a minute. 😉

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  4. Hey! So happy to see you again! I feel just like you do about everything you mentioned except the water heater. In this apartment I have tons of hot water and have to be careful if I don’t adjust it because it is too hot quickly! Our 1940s home in CO had a water heater that a breeze blew out the pilot light frequently and I don’t miss those basement runs! Hope you’re back permanently but I get the tired of it all feelings often.

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    1. Yeah, the feeling and energy comes and goes; just too much to do! Thank you, my friend, for welcoming me back with such open arms! Mrs C envies your water heater situation, but I’m working on getting the fix. She’s earned it. Y’all only get a glimpse of Tom; she’s gotta live with him every day! 🤣

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  5. Great to see you back again! Firstly, happy Blogiversary 🥳 It sounds so intense when you say over half a decade. Wow!

    Secondly, congrats on the business side of things – a 300k month, that’s super impressive! You should be very proud 🎉

    And I’m glad you’ve had your vaccination. In the UK we’re all now waiting for our second at the month point so time is dragging on. It’s great to hear so many elsewhere are getting theirs. Let’s hope it helps turn a corner with the pandemic.

    Stay safe. And here’s to lots more happy blogging 😉

    Caz xx

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    1. Thank you, Caz! Yeah, I think we’re reliably in the home stretch on this thing, ought to start seeing “normal” (whatever that is) by the end of the year into Spring next. Sooner if our careless brothers and sisters learn to behave!

      Fat chance. 😉

      But things have been going amazingly well otherwise. Love to love getting up every day and doing my thing! ❤️

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  6. Welcome back! The absence is completely understandable. I think many of us have, metaphorically, been taking long showers, because it’s hard to go back out. I’m about to have my second dose of vaccine but even once that’s done I plan to keep wearing a mask and social distancing, at least among strangers, because, even if I’m not contagious or at risk of getting COVID-19, I still want to model responsible behavior.
    I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad American but, hey, whaddaya gonna do? I care about other people.
    Anyway I’m glad you have returned and haven’t changed even though WordPress has been through some changes of its own. For this special occasion I think we should gather around all your old water heaters and say, “Let us give tanks.”

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    1. LOL! Christopher, you are inspiring. The words “I still want to model responsible behavior” are damn wise and if I could make one wish on the bones of the old water heater it is that more folks with think just like you. Congrats on the vaccine! Be good and be safe!

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  7. Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you were able to get the vaccine and now you are even safer. I know you will continue to wear a mask and do what is necessary to protect yourself, your family, and others because you are a kind and wonderful person!!!!! Continue being the great person you are and inspiring all of us!!!

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    1. Thank you, Alyssa! I sure will continue to do all of those things until this has truly abated. Takes time! We’d be there already if not for the short-sightedness of some and the selfishness of others. Be well, sister!

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  8. Congrats, Tom. I totally agree with you about not having to worry about or even think about what the president is doing every single minute. I think Biden is doing a fantastic job. I also applaud your advice to continue wearing a mask and to avoid large crowds. Too many people want to immediately go back to the way things were, and it’s not time for that yet!

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    1. Hey brotha! Yeah, I have been lax about writing in general; heck, I’ve largely kept my opinions to myself of late and just put the nose to the grindstone, so to speak. Lately I’ve felt that “something’s missing” so a soul-searching summer is in the works. Will it lead to more TBT? Will I finally start my memoirs? Is it just gas? Time will tell. 😉

      The boys, however, are wonderful, and I love the heat (mostly). 110 is a little on the high side even for me. Looks like we have a week of high-90s in the offing, though, so I should be in my happy little paradise once again (as long as the fires stay at bay). Really appreciate you asking! Sometimes all the catalyst required to start the wheels a-turning is one lone voice.

      How’s yourself?!

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      1. My own personal sabbatical from writing (in general) and WP (for the most part) is waking from hibernation. Disillusioned still, but making an effort. Been nose down in software code and now that I’ve run up that steep hill, I’m on a plateau from which I can breathe and take a gander at the scenery.
        We’ll see how long it lasts.

        Glad somebody likes the heat.

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