Good News

It has truly been a disturbing week here on the third rock from the sun. From the coronavirus to the very public congressional cover-up of a crooked president, to the death of a legend and even to a Brexit over there, we’ve seen it all. And the hits keep coming. The DNC is rallying against Bernie (again), Bloomberg is buying himself a seat at the table, the markets are reacting to the Wuhan, and the San Francisco 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. There is very little good news to share.

Ah, but bad news sells. Go ahead and scroll through your favorite news source and try and pick out the good stuff. “When is the impeachment trial going to end?” “What you should know about the coronavirus and how you should prepare.” “Rashida Tlaib boos Hillary Clinton from stage at Bernie Sanders Iowa event.” Those three sentences are the biggest headlines on Google News right now. I didn’t click a one; let me know how they turned out. There’s a decent one, though, a couple of spaces down:

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Army is “Effing Pumped”

That’s good news. But, really, everyone’s army is effing pumped right now, eh? I’m sure no one expects to see that “Biden supporters are really bored by him right now,” or “Iowans for Warren hold nose and vote Liz.” Though, come to think of it, we do see “Trump ratings stable despite vast majority of Americans admitting he’s a lying, corrupt clown,” so who knows. 🤷

But why are Bernie’s followers an “army”? He’s the anti-war candidate. Let’s call ‘em “patrons.”

Bernie Sanders’ Iowa Patrons are “Fucking Pumped”

Doesn’t that sound better? I may have changed another word in there for emphasis. 😉

Regardless, bad news sells, and we’ve had our share of it this week. If you want some good news, though, I found a site dedicated to it; pretty heartwarming stuff. Dogs. Life. A molecule that could solve our energy problems. Shaq. Good news. The world is full of that, too, you just don’t hear about it much.

So take heart, we’re still progressing. We’ll lick the virus. We’ll turn over the Senate. England will prevail. Bernie’s message resounds. The markets will recover. The Niners will lose. I can’t guarantee all of that will happen this weekend but all of it will happen, eventually. It’s not the end of the world as we know it. In fact, we’ve only just begun and despite a really bad and malicious couple of millennia humanity is shaping up to be a really cool experiment.

Hey, there are benefits to optimism. And I’m all about the sunshine.

In the meantime, here’s the best pics I took of the dogs this week:







So cheer up. Pet your pets. Soak in the photons, root for the Chiefs, and vote for Bernie.

You and I can make a better world.

Together. 🤗

54 thoughts on “Good News

    1. Sadly, you nailed it, Jason. I have said forever that the two very worst representatives of the two biggest national political parties in America were the two final choices on the ballot in November 2016. And, despite all odds, we picked even the worst of that two.

      Now if we could just get the two of them to shut up we might get this thing back on track. 🙄

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      1. Hmmm…. If Trump suddenly shut up and quit making ridiculous statements and tweets, would I be more or less worried?

        Hillary is divisive and alienating. People don’t like her and people want to believe bad things about her. That is why “the emails” worked so well. Please find a way to remove her from the public. She won’t help anyone but Trump.

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  1. Good news….

    The major tech companies reported strong earnings. Amazon joined the four comma club with Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet. As someone who is heavily invested in the stock market, particularly the NASDAQ, that is good news. As well as possibly an indication of a strengthening global industrial economy.

    The corona virus that all the new media is pissing their pants about is really not as horrible as being reported. There are several other diseases in the world that represent a far greater threat than this. But, they can only scream about those for so long.

    The sun is still a stable star and we are at very low risk of being destroyed by it for a billion years or so.

    Dogs still love their people. If they only knew.

    That’s what I have for good news.

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    1. We are becoming technologically more advanced, there is no plague, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the sun will come up tomorrow. That sounds like pretty good news to me, Jason!


  2. Isn’t your closest doofball team the 49’ers? Now, I condone wishing any (all?) doofball teams ill will. But surely when it comes to rooting for a side during this purely commercial “competition” you’d choose one from your home state?

    The Republic is Dead

    Long live the Republic.
    Is it time to join the Dark Side?

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    1. Good golly gosh no!

      I mean, “good golly gosh no” to the 49ers thing. I’m a Rams fan and, as such, the 49ers are the bane of my existence. In my Rogues’ Gallery they rank right behind Donald Trump as “the worst thing ever.” They are the Darth Vader to my Luke Skywalker, prior to the end of the RotJ, I mean.

      You get me, right?

      But yes to the other question. 😉

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      1. Well, my wife is from Marin, and I’m afraid I’ve been commandeered to witness this pointless Battle of the Idiots (no, not the Impeachment Trial). She’d better be serving the best hotwings and beer, is all I can say. (You may find me writing throughout the escapade, so, it won’t be a complete waste of time.)

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      1. It was a constant power struggle and I got tired of all their diva like behavior, so I destroyed them. It had to be done, like when Thanos snapped his fingers wearing the golden gauntlet with the infinity stones….lol

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  3. Go Rams…? Also, what is with all this Hillary stuff? Is she actually doing anything to undermine other people’s campaigns? Maybe they should all just forget about her, since she’s NOT RUNNING and focus on beating the orange madman.

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  4. I haven’t picked up a newspaper in years (other than for packing, which I have had to do too much lately), but the other day I did. It was impossible not to… on the front page of my hometown’s paper was a story about 100’s of people attending the funeral of an unclaimed vet. for no other reason than No One should die alone.

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  5. I know the newsroom saying is “if it bleeds it leads” but there’s always good news if you look for it, just as there’s always light in the darkness. That’s why the wisdom of Mr. Idle stays with us, and also why pets are so important.
    Also my sister-in-law is a 49ers fan, but I believe she’s finding some light in the darkness even now. Hey, her team at least made it to the Superbowl and didn’t get knocked out in the finals, unlike a certain team that I, living in Tennessee, am somewhat familiar with.

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      1. Late reply but eff if I know. Our small town was fine as far as I know. In my county, the majority was Bernie. When Warren & Biden & Yang weren’t viable, everyone in those groups move to Pete. Except the one Yang guy. We still had the most. I think it’s shady about the app. It was also shady that the Warren volunteer seemed to direct her people to Pete when Warren was out. Of course, it’s a town of 5,000 people so it was a much easier count.

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