My Phone, My Buddy

Ah, this was a marvelous amount of insight and points to ponder. Well-written, too! Good blog, Ep!

An Unboring Path

I stirred in my bed this morning before there was any color in the sky, reached over as usual to the space next to me and found what I always find. Only it was dead. Cold. Unresponsive. Useless.

It was a little, just a little, like the story I’ll never forget about my Great Aunt Emily. She told me that as the youngest child in her family she had watched her siblings one by one tie the knot and then begin one by one to have troubles – troubles she associated with their unions, troubles that uninspired her to say yes to the man who asked for her hand. Whether she closed the door after that or was never asked again, she didn’t tell me.

For most of her adult life, Aunt Emily lived with her mom. For practical reasons they had slept in the same bed. Once, when I…

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12 thoughts on “My Phone, My Buddy

  1. Thank you, Tom! I feel honored, uplifted, grateful, happy and encouraged – all because of you! My day and my week are better than they were ten minutes ago. You’re a gem. Many thanks, Patricia
    P.S. yes total dodo here while setting up – messed up the name part! My granddaughter is Eponine (if the name rings a bell she was the street urchin in Les Mis). I love the name. Clearly. What is not clear is why I used it where I used it, forever causing confusion. A little like how Lands’ End didn’t see that the apostrophe was in the wrong place until after their first large batch of marketing materials were printed and it was too late. Oh well! Not the end of the world!

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    1. Well noted, Patricia! Great blog, it moved me and made me think. Pretty good stirrings for a Friday morn! Also, I responded to your post so you’ll probably find me in your spam folder. 😉 Save me, Eponine, you’re my only hope! 😁

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      1. I don’t see anything in spam (except for the usual spam) and nothing in comments. I am not-quite-clueless-but-almost when it comes to navigating this stuff, but I will keep looking! Being your only hope on this is a tall order but I’m on it! Thank you!

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      2. Goodness knows where it went and why! About six months ago, WP started randomly throwing me into folks’ spam or trash or pending folders for no good reason. Generally, when I am saved once I am saved always and Tom can be Tom on your page forevermore. I’ll keep responding, and some day you’ll find me!


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