me and captain kirk

Me and Captain Kirk

What I generally write about is what’s on my mind lately. You’ve probably noticed that trend. I don’t plan to write things for the blog, I don’t put aside certain days and times to etch out “the gun debate” or “the greatest running backs to play in the modern era.” I used to. I used to jot down “the next ten things” or some such and then completely ignore the list when it came time to write.

This is why Tom is not a “writer,” but instead a “sales manager.” He doesn’t like to have to write. He likes to want to write.

The lone exception that I can think of was the minimized book reviews I took part in last year. I asked for recommended reading, I was offered some fantastic ideas, and I began to read some of the books proffered. Then I wrote my thoughts on those books. It was fun, and “planned,” so to speak. I didn’t, shamefully, make it halfway through that list but I reserve the right to return to some of the offered tomes in time. Time … time is on my side. Oh yes, it is.

Currently, by the way, I’m catching up on my Harari reading. I’m halfway through 21 Lessons and expect to finish it late next week. Will I review it? I don’t know. I hammered out the 2nd half of Homo Deus just before I started 21 Lessons and read all of Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now before that (none of them from “the list”) and have not written my thoughts on them. I don’t yet know what I’m reading next, either. I started Jon Meacham’s The Soul of America and it bored me 36 pages in. I spent money on it, too. The cover does not make the book.

I’ve been wanting to finish (at this point, start over) Guns, Germs, and Steel and I have a hard copy on my bookshelf. Maybe I’ll read the 14 actual pages of the Green New Deal first and give an honest assessment. Maybe I should read Comey’s book, or Michelle’s, or another Stiglitz or a Chomsky. Maybe I’ll read fiction. I don’t read much fiction at all.

The Autobiography of James T. Kirk sounds good.

Speaking of Captain Kirk, he’s on my Mastermind Crew. My Board of Psychological Supervisors. Have you ever heard of that? A few years ago one of the self-help, positive psychology, personal development books I love to read challenged the reader to come up with a mastermind group that consisted of current, historical, or fictional figures to help “guide” you through decision processes. For a couple of weeks my private journal included occasional discussions with this mastermind group, among whom Captain Kirk was one. So was Adrian Veidt. And Chili Palmer. Some of the others were characters I had created on my own, over the years, as part of the RPG games I’ve administered. It was fun, if short-lived, and more of a lark than a help along my path. Maybe I’ll display one of those conversations here sometime. I don’t remember how personal they were.

Have you ever done anything like that? Who would be in your mastermind group? I think I had a total of nine in mine; I think the rule was some number around there. But, honestly, there are no rules. Be you.

What I generally write about is what’s on my mind lately. We had a vicious snow day in Redding yesterday and I was stuck at the bottom of my driveway. Biggest snowstorm in 50 years. A friend of a friend just had dark-red golden retriever pups at precisely the right time we are looking for our third. My personal and financial organizational state is at a lifetime peak. I’m actively shopping for a shed for my backyard, now that it’s mine. I just bought a great new BBQ.

That’s all the stuff that’s been on my mind the last week, and I didn’t write about any of it today. I generally write about what’s on my mind lately but today I wrote about books I haven’t read and fictional friends I’ve had debates with. Even I didn’t know where I was going when I started.

That might be my favorite thing to do of all. 😊

Have a great day, my friends. Stay warm and safe and dry and you. Captain Kirk and I command it.

37 thoughts on “Me and Captain Kirk

  1. Adrian Veidt? He was on your list? Very interesting indeed, also I think Mr. Veidt spoke about himself in the third person as well, lol. I mean before he decided to kill off half of humanity for the greater good, but hey who am I to judge?

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    1. Conversations with Dr. Manhattan tend to be difficult to follow, plus I always find myself asking, “How is it that with your almost infinite powers you don’t realize I’d be a lot more comfortable if you’d put on some pants?”

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  2. Spock was my favorite. Captain Kirk liked himself too much, I think.

    Guns, Germs and Steel was on my list too. I started it, then lent it to the friend who bought it for me, and I think he lost it at the sea.

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    1. I guess I can see why Tom likes Kirk so much, then. 😉

      Spock was, by far, wiser, but I always favored the daredevil to the philosopher, and tried to incorporate at least a little of both in my repertoire. That always made me come across a little like my true childhood idol, though: Alan Alda as Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce. I was consequently always more clown than captain or sage. 😇

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  3. Harari. Deep. In 21 lessons, he discusses how much money is spent (trillions) to prevent further terrorism, and compares it to the actual damage done. (Less than automotive accidents.) You won’t hear any politicians making those comparisons. I’ll check out other books on your reading list as well. And, Kirk? I love Kirk!

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    1. He’s one of the very best! Which is why he made the list. Have you read the autobiography? It’s a guilty pleasure on my wish list, but I do intend to indulge in it someday. It’s funny that you mention that section in 21 Lessons, because that is the section I am about to start in on today. He’s, in my opinion, the smartest man on the planet today (present company excluded 😉 ).

      Thanks for the feedback, George! Who’s on your list?

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  4. There’s so much food for thought here I feel stuffed after reading it. Now you’ve got me wondering who my internal conversationalists would be. I’ve just finished reading Groucho & Me, Groucho Marx’s autobiography and I admire his ability to talk about himself for 350 pages without revealing anything, which is quite revealing if you think about it. Also I’m glad you have conversations with Adrian Veidt and not Rorschach, whose advice would probably lead you down some very dark paths.
    An imaginary advisor is a very old idea. Socrates talked about his personal “daemon” who told him the right thing to do and Baudelaire said he had one who told him the wrong thing to do, which is where we get the trope of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, although in my case I have a devil on one shoulder and a devil on the other and in any given situation they can’t give me advice because they’re both passed out drunk, but that’s another story. I really could use someone to give me advice, though, because I think I’ve gone about as far as I can stumbling around without a plan.

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    1. Yeah, Rorschach hasn’t been on my mastermind list since my last year of high school. He did teach some very important lessons back then about the blankness of life and the solitude of existence. I was able to use that later. Socrates taught me a couple things, too, the most important was to “know Tomself.” My shoulder angels? They mostly get along these days after years of dichotomous conflict and, frankly, some real knock down, drag out fights…

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  5. OMG! Red, golden pups! Love them without seeing them. Get one! I love my Goldendoodles. Unfortunately, we’ll down to one, soon. Can’t even go there. I like the Mastermind Crew. I love that you have Captain Kirk! I will have to think about it. Who’d be on my crew? There’s a blog in there somewhere! You are quite the reader. I don’t know if I could get through any of those books… I’d try, but realistically, probably not. I’d like to read your reviews though. Cool post, Tom.

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    1. Thanks, Kim! I look forward to seeing who you come up with. I recently (I think Nov/Dec?) started revamping that list but never quite got it finished. I’ll have to revisit it myself!

      The dogs? We’re definitely getting one, from those folks or from a breeder in Idaho my wife has been in touch with. 😉

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  6. Yes, you will review it.
    Have you noticed you said you write about what’s on your mind lately 3 times? You so did.
    So, tell us about that mind of yours.
    (that’s a great BBQ btw. Not really made to fit my needs, but that’s a different story).

    P.S. What happened to Steve’s photo prompt? I hope you’re working on it.

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    1. Yes, I have a tendency to repeat phrasing for emphasis. Cute idiosyncrasy or semantic bother? You be the judge. 🙂

      As for a challenge, I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage. Have I missed something while phasing in and out of time and space? 🤔

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  7. How funny that a few of us, myself included have recently done posts in this vein. But aren’t we always told to march to our own beat, be true to ourselves, not pander to others’ expectations? I’m not a writer, but I seem to have written a lot of words, so by that definition! And your own catchphrases are ‘Tom’s Being Tom’ and ‘You Be You’ 😊. I like the idea of a Mastermind Crew. A kind of sophisticated version of What Would Elvis Do?!!!

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    1. Oh, I hope to see the list of Lockwood’s MM Crew someday! Is Elvis in yours? I can’t imagine a conversation with Elvis about life. John Lennon I could do. Paul McCartney for sure. Maybe even David Bowie and Billy Idol, in the same conversation. But Elvis? He’s have to start, I don’t have a clue what I’d say to him. 🙂

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  8. “mastermind group” Cool idea.

    Me, me and me? Or rather, the different forms of myself and the way I think – but all available at the same time. Generally, only one is on the stage while the rest are queued up on deck. It’s either me in triplicate or some of the mentors I’ve created in my books and stories. I like those folks. I’d like to hang out with those compadres. Kirk? The showboat? Not for me. Spoke maybe. Or Scotty.

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    1. Yeah, I guess I always carried around that sort of captain’s mentality and listened to Kirk more than Spock. I think I probably come across more “Captain Hawkeye Pierece” than “Captain James T Kirk” but c’est la vie. 😉

      Two others I remember from my initial council were Jeb Barlett and Alexander Hartdegen (Guy Pearce’s character in “The Time Machine”). But fully half of the characters were my own, created and prominent in games over the years, including one of my favorite villains. It’s important to get a wide spectrum of advisers. 😁

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