The Coming of Him

I have no idea what to expect after this day.

If you’re receiving this message know that I am here, I am alive, and I am well. It is my fervent hope that this is not my last message to you, my loyal friends, and that I will return in short order with more words of flippancy and wisdom. But I do not know. Today is the day.

The day the puppy comes.

As you will undoubtedly remember, my friends, I recently flipped my priority list. What used to be the first thing I do every morning, for example, is one of the last things. I love to blog, and to read the blogs of others. I love to Facebook; I always have. But the time I spent on those media platforms often pushed other important tasks (deep reading, financial balancing and planning, morning walks) to the wayside and I found little time for such endeavors. Flipping the list has made me healthier, more knowledgeable, and better with bread. Everything has a cost, and I have paid my toll.

In recent weeks I have found a better balance. I have repaired fences at the house, trimmed damaged shrubs, read voluminously, socked away the appropriate funds, exercised, and also spent some time in social media and even caught up on the blogs.

But, now. This.

I remember what happened when Ludo came home. My favorite time of the day – the mornings, alone with my computer and my coffee – were gone. The dog wanted to get up when I did, demanded my constant affection and attention, and ate up those precious quiet dawn hours. He also stole all my deck time. My sleeping, reading, writing, and social media were reduced to almost nothing. Well, I mean, except for pictures of his growth posted un-apologetically and in great numbers.

Those will come in waves. Massive, repeating storm-like waves. πŸ™‚

All kidding aside, my fellow readers, writers, coffee-drinkers, and all those who value sleep – today is the day!

I know what you’re first question is, and I will address it the best I can:

No, he does not have a name yet. Maybe he never will. Perhaps we can just call him “him” forever.

“Bring HIM here!”

“Do you just love HIM?!”

“HIM good boy today. HIM grow lots!”

Well, no, that won’t work.

He’ll come home today and – in fairly short order – he’ll have a name. We’ve decided to let him earn it. As you may or may not know my current favorite for him is “Marvel.” Mrs C’s current favorite for him is “Noble.” “Romeo” and “Kairos” are still in the running and I know she hasn’t entirely let go of “Eros” or “Iliad.” She completely shot down “Comet” and “Nova” when I mentioned them. Sorry.

But it doesn’t matter. I don’t think anyone liked the name “Ludo,” at first (including me), and look at the legend he’s become. A rose by any other name is still THE THIRD GOLDEN RETRIEVER IN MY HOUSE! I remember sleep. I last got some on April 8th, 2019. Yesterday was a good day.

Today will be, too. My little noble marvel is coming home. Truly a kairos moment for us. A new love in the house. A series of epic and catastrophic events will ensue. Bursting on the scene like an exploding star, our heavenly body with a tail.


See you soon, my friends. I promise. 😏

53 thoughts on “The Coming of Him

      1. Hi, Bojana! I’m back for now, but my blog is changed up to tackle some very different subject matter. How’ve you been?

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  1. He’s so cute! I am sure your days will be filled with love of the best kind.
    Good for you for doing what needs to be done with your time.

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  2. The only thing better than a puppy is the dog they eventually grow to be. And I love that he’s got a little mustache. Maybe his name will be something befitting such a facial adornment: Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Groucho…
    Whatever moniker he subsequently earns is beside the point, though, because the point is, and will be for at least a few months to come, PUPPY!!!

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    1. It was a marvel-ous first day but I must admit when he started shooting back and forth across the backyard I thought again how fitting “comet” would be, but because he goes in fits and starts (from completely inert to full speed and then a body at rest again) I thought “rocket” would be more suiting. In the end, however, we all seem to be calling him “Marvel” so, I think, the die is cast.

      Say, Stan Lee had a mustache, didn’t he?

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      1. Mr. Lee had a fine mustache indeed, but I know a dog named Stan–he’s a Rat Terrier, and the name fits him perfectly. I’m not sure how suited it would be for a Retriever. Although it would be better than “Pulsar” which came to mind when you described his fits and starts. And, hey, comets go from dull rocks at the farthest end of their orbit to blazing spectacles as they approach the sun.

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    1. Thank you, Steve! We actually toyed with a few mythological names (Midas, Apollo, etc) but settled on the short list above (with Illiad and Kairos being the last two ancient concepts in the running). In the end, it appears we’re going “modern myth” with the name Marvel. Our little marvel!

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  3. Congratulations on your new family member! Him is so cute.
    And, yes, we miss you but…the reason my writing/posting is so erratic is because there are more important things to do….sometimes.

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  4. Marvel-ous indeed! Although I saw this on twitter, it’s taken me a bit to get here and read all about him. Your days will never be the same again, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have it any other way. What a lucky puppy. Have fun!

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  5. You already know how I feel about all of this…about “him.” I’m so effing envious and smitten and happy for you…I have no words. No, I’m being serious…I really don’t. πŸ™‚

    He’s amazing and so love seeing him grow at a shocking rate. Big hug and so much puppy love!

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    1. Thank you, Brooke! He’s a handful, but a good one. Finally laying down (for a minute) behind me in the office, which free me up (for a minute) to … you know … think and respond. 😁 Looking forward to getting some “me” time back, but hate to rush that puppy phase. Gotta enjoy it for what it is!

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